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Thank you everyone for your support and good wishes!


From Munie
Wednesday April 1st 2009

Dear Doug and John,
My heart leapt with joy when Mark & I saw you jump out of the Falcon GT at Apollo Bay on March 5th. It was such an exciting moment; to see you both for the first time in over 5 months, a year or two in John’s case, and to meet the jovial Canadian Crew, all with very wide grins and a sense of anticipation for their forthcoming journey through the heads into Williamstown.

You all looked so healthy and relaxed, it was hard to believe you had sailed through that ghastly storm just before reaching the safety of shore.

Apollo Bay gave us our first opportunity to check out the Falcon GT, after initially learning 10 years ago that John was going to ‘build a boat and sail to Australia', and to also follow its incredible exploits on the daily blog. What a yacht!

Hearing wild and woolly stories while sitting in the cabin of the Falcon, with all the crew, John’s son Thomas (who was celebrating his 19th birthday) and a couple of surprise mates from Melbourne, who drove the 8 hour return trip, was a very special time.

My brothers, John and Doug, with their Canadian Crew, had just accomplished something pretty amazing in their lives and something which I greatly admire.

Dawn the following morning brought with it rain, but breaking through the grey clouds, the intrepid Falcon GT appeared once more, this time sailing through the heads between Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean.

Just a dot on the landscape, Mark and I waved madly from the Point Lonsdale lighthouse, before racing up the highway to Williamstown to witness the official arrival.

Our mum, Fay, who turns 90 this month, was decked out in mohair rugs and scarves as protection from the cool breeze. She waited ecstatically in her directors chair on the Williamstown marina.

My sister Anne had baked a cake, ready for the crew’s arrival party, while Viv, Jeanette and Alex nearly burst with excitement. Amanda, Jenny, young William and Thomas just couldn’t wait.

A large crowd gathered, with faces appearing out of the past and memories rekindled by Jules’ and Doug’s old mates.

Right on the dot of 2.14 pm, Friday 6th March, the mighty Falcon GT sailed in, the crew waving madly before falling into the arms of the rowdy reception.

The sailors entertained their family and friends for a couple of hours before heading back to the beautiful house and garden in Beaver Street for an Australian lamb roast and orange syrup cake, courtesy of Ian and Anne.

It was great to meet the Canadian crew, share stories of their adventure and spend time with them at Southbank along the Yarra River the following night.

Audrey is a star; she kept us on the edge of our seats for the whole trip. THANK YOU AUDREY!

It’s great to have you all home! Love Munie

A fabulous job with the latest videos.
Wednesday Mar. 25th 2009

If I knew anything at all about boats and sailing I’d sign up for your return to Canada – you gave a lot of people a lot of enjoyment every day of your trip. You probably became as habit forming for many of us as Tim Hortons. Great work all of you. I hope when you get back to Canada you will have some form of presentation of the trip – even us non-sailors would love to see you all tell the story.
Thanks for the adventure.
David Edgar

You made it Congratulations!
Saturday Mar. 21st 2009

Congratulations to the crew of Falcon GT!
What a voyage what an adventure and I have to thank all of you for it.
Checking the website 3 or 5 times a week to see how you are doing and the number of people that I sent the site address to you will be amazed how many were watching you!
Congratulations John Gayford and crew and thank you for sharing your remarkable trip and dream with the rest of us wanna bees!
Best Regards from the West!
Liz Mather (Mistral V)
Ex BHYC member
Ex Rear Commodore of Sail
Ex Bronte Rocks Chair
(just incase you wonder you is sending you this message) LOL
Liz Mather

Belated Congrats.
Saturday Mar. 21st 2009

John, Doug G, Doug S, Stewart, Brendan
OBEISANCES ALL ROUND. What a fantastic achievement for you guys.
Humble apologies for tardiness of this message – our excuse being that we have been in the UK “attempting to assist” #2 daughter after the arrival of our third grandchild (first granddaughter).
Having caught up on all the Guest Book entries and viewed (several times) the marvelous video clips, appropriate superlatives escape me. All I can say is WOW! and congratulations on a “job well done”. The daily logs, photos and videos certainly stirred up the remaining salt in my blood at least, and enabled a great many people to complete the voyage vicariously. I refer back to my first message to you ref. the late, great Paul Newman…….the sentiment stands.
So whilst Brendan goes billabong-hunting, Doug & Stewart are back in the loving arms of their respective families, no doubt slowly absorbing the enormity of their achievement and returning to some semblance of “normality” - you could always offer Crewing Services on Lake Ontario at highly inflated rates!!!!! (Naah – waves not big enough!).
Very Best Regards…..and thanks for the trip.
Three Badge and the Other Stoker
P.S. Win (102 yrs young) sends regards and asks how long she has to wait until the book publication!!!!

Note from Hornby
Sunday Mar. 15th 2009

Never in my wildest nightmares could I imagine those murderous waves. Taking the pictures of the water flowing from the tap and the clothes swinging from the force of those waves was a stroke of genious.
I have to have another cup of coffee after watching those videos.
Irene saunders

Sunday Mar. 15th 2009

The March 4th storm gave me a whole new respect for what you guys endured. I felt seasick just watching all that rolling and the big waves. I think I would have gone mad with the constant motion, swaying tap water and dancing clothes! The dolphins greeting the Falcon and leading you into Apollo Bay couldn't have been a more perfect ending as you approached your destination. All in all, an amazing voyage on an amazing vessel. John can justifiably burst with pride! He and his "baby" thoroughly proved themselves as champions!

Wednesday Mar. 11th 2009

Brendan and Crew of the Falcon GT,
In this world, there are dreamers and there are doers.
It is with great honour and admiration that we commemorate a bunch of doers, the crew of the Falcon GT, who stopped dreaming and experienced something that very few humans can say the have done (willingly). I hope that you felt then and feel now the sense of excitement, envy (well, not always) and anticipation that we felt while you were at sea, wondering what you were seeing, feeling and thinking as nothing but majestic seas (and curious animal friends) surrounded you.
Thank you for sharing your words, pictures and video. They were often the topic of conversation around the water cooler.
To commemorate the completion of your journey, Aaron, David, Andy, Joanne, Howard, Imran, an anonymous donor and I made another donation to the tribute Cancer fundraising campaign.
Once again CONGRATULATIONS, we hope you enjoyed the voyage and that the memories (the good ones) will last a lifetime.
P.S. We are still waiting for the picture of you opening that bottle of champagne.
Rafael D.L.C. Moctezuma

John congrats
Wednesday Mar. 11th 2009

Good job John to you and the lads what an adventure eh.
Oh and that boat needs a barber on all the voyages
and i could sure do with sailing lessens .
P.S. give me a shout when get a chance
and congrats again mate
you guys ROOOOOOCCKK.........................................

Wednesday Mar. 11th 2009

Captain John and all his crew;
Congratulations on achieving your dreams. These memories will be with you forever.
A special thanks to Doug S. for his daily updates of the adventure as it unfolded. It made it seem like we were right there with you.
The Falcon GT Adventure became part of my morning ritual; check e-mails; check on the Falcon GT.
John; their must be great pride in knowing you built and sailed the Falcon GT to your dream. It sounded like it performed beyond expectations on the journey.
Congratulations and all the best to all.
Dale Goslin

Congrats. to FGT & CREW
Sunday Mar. 8th 2009

John Gayford and Crew,-
Having breakfast with George & Peter on Sunday morning in georgetown 8Mar09 @9.00am EDT. Congratulations on your epic voyage and arriving safely in WILLY. You have all turned your dream into a reality. Do you plan on returning to CANADA before extending your dream of rounding the WORLD?
I don't know what we will talk about now. George and I will have to get a job maybe at WALMART as greeters. Yeh right. Peter already employed. Remember years ago to hang on to your backside well now you can let. go. By the by I toasted your success and arrival at WILLY with a nice cup of TETLEY tea at 22.12 PM on Thurs.
Reg Hodgson, George M, and Peter C.
Good day mates.

Sunday Mar. 8th 2009

To the crew of the GT Falcon,
Congratulations on having completed your epic journey! We are all very proud of you and wish you every good fortune on your continuing adventures.
All our best,
George, Mary, Ryan, Erica and Jessica Shadford

Proud on Westminster
Sunday Mar. 8th 2009

Hi John, Brendon & Crew:
You are a fantastic group and have kept so many people glued to their computers.
You have done Westminster proud.
Have yourselves a great time celebrating and save return home.

Thanks to Doug S.
Sunday Mar. 8th 2009

Hi All, I would like to thank Doug S. for the time and experiences he shared with us this morning on board SV Falcon GT. These little snippets will go a long way in helping with the construction of our Radford 15.2m alloy yacht which we hope to start soon, especially to see an unpainted alloy yacht which we have been thinking about and after seeing FalconGT will be definitely going that way.
Again congratulations on your adventure and may your stay in Australia be a good one.
Malcom Warnock
Rubicon Cable Co

Saturday Mar. 7th 2009

Well done to the crew of SV FalconGT.
I have enjoyed following your adventure and admire the manner in which you kept `it' all together. Hopefully this is not the last of the SV Falcongt, as it has been part of my morning ritual to follow your progress.
Ken Buckley/Bandito Grosso.

Photo's of Congrats. Crew
Saturday Mar. 7th 2009

To all the crew and families, the pictures I sent are of well wishers, on the sailors night of your arrival after your excitingly Dangerous voyage, gathering in congratulations.
Three cheers to you all from Bronte Harbour Yacht Club. (Ontario Canada. Where it all began!)

From your associates, AT BHYC on sailors night
CHEERS on your dangerously successful voyage and arrival.

Congrats Doug S & Crew
Saturday Mar. 7th 2009

What a fabulous accomplishment that will live with you forever.
Congratulations to Doug S & crew.
Jim & Barb

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Hi John and crew,
Many congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. You should all be so proud. Our congrats to the land crew too. They did an amazing job keeping us on the edge of our seats every day. We will certainly miss it but can watch the Pete Goss web site for a few more days and what an adventure they have had too.
Hopefully you will be writing a book or producing a video!
In honour of your completion we will be donating again to the Cancer Challenge.
George and Dawn

Friday Mar. 6th 2009


To you and your crew- an amazing dream that you made come true.
I find now that I will miss my daily check on your progress, the pics, the stories, the shear enjoyment that you all exhibited- Thank you for sharing!
Terry Wilson

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

John Gayford and Crew
Congratulations! Fantastic example of a dream come true. My whole family thanks the crew of the Falcon GT for their daily logs which had great educational and inspirational value. John throw some shrimp on the barbie and have a Fosters on me.
Cliff, Jacquie, Sarah and Jessica McAuley
Cliff McAuley

" Just the beginning "
Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Congratulations ,,
I can only imagine how all of you might feel.
I am sure you will never forget it.
Because we won't .

Doug G and Crew
Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Hi Doug G & Crew,
We just had to say Congratulations. Your trip is a testament to the choice of crew, the boat builder and of course THE YACHT itself.
Well Done and Welcome
Terry & Michele - Coffs Harbour

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

so glad to see that you've all arrived safe & sound.......elena & I were actually talking on the phone while i was watching the webcam for a glimpse of the boat passing through the channel. Can't wait to hear all about the trip...
see you soon,

Well Done!
Friday Mar. 6th 2009

To all on board SV Falcon GT,
What an amazing achievement! I have been following your adventure since the start and have found it truly inspirational! Well done well done and I'm so glad you all arrived safe and well. Enjoy the rest and recognise what a truly wonderful thing you have done.
Russ Cockburn (UK)

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Hey Hamilton and the Crew of Falcon GT!
Congratulations on a safe arrival. What an incredible achievement. Something to be very proud of. Something that will be a lasting life long memory for all of you. Can't wait to see you and chat with you when you get home Stui.
Marg & Mike H.

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

WHAT NOW???????

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Hi Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
Congratulations! My family and I are very happy that you arrived safely in Australia, particularly after reading what happened over the past few days and the accident on board of the Spirit of Mystery. You have inspired a lot of people by demonstrating that, with hard work, dedication and courage, dreams do come true!
Congratulations again and enjoy your time on land!

Friday Mar. 6th 2009

Congratulations John !!!! You must be very proud and happy right now! I must say that is quite an accomplishment...first, that you made it there and second that they didn't throw you off the boat after 10 days! That was my guess in the pool at work! haha only kidding! We have been keeping up with your travels daily and are quite envious and in awe that you had a dream and were able to see it through, not many people are that fortunate! You have been the topic of many conversations at home(my cousin is following your travels also) and at work. We have all enjoyed your journey and are thankful for being able to go for the ride with you!
Hopefully Joe, Sam and I will be able to get together for lunch again with you when you're home.
All the best and thanks for the entertaining website..That's our "gay johnford" always keeping us entertained!
All the best!
Laura Flannigan

The Fantastic voyage
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

congratulation boys !!!! and very well done, i was just checking where you were, and you guys home!

The Fantastic voyage
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Doug S, and the crew of the Falcon GT,
Congratulations to you all,
It's an excellent adventure story with a happy ending. There was everything that you need for a great story of adventure. One man's dream was the flint and four others brought the kindling and the firewood. I started reading the daily blog about two or three days after you left New York. I was captivated by the daily logs that brought us on board in our imaginations. I suppose that like myself, most of us would hope that we never get talked into anything so beyond our comfort zone affecting our daily lives. On the same token many of us wish that we could follow our dreams of being able to hold on to our youth and look danger in the eye and not back down. In this case I am getting the idea that the experiences, accolades, awards, honors and confidence surrounding the skipper gave all of you and your loved ones the green light to set off as the great explorers and mariners have done so in the past. I believe he has another addition to his resume as do all of you.
I mentioned in an earlier email that the trip was playing out like a high adventure story. I didn't dare say anything to jinx the voyage because the climax really didn't come until just a few days before you came to your final port of call in Williamstown. Who would seriously wish that on anyone out in the great wide open. It didn't fare too well for the Spirit of Mystery. But for their final chapter, it could have been a hell of lot worse.
I really enjoyed the description of your wave riding experience. It was just as I imagined the worse case scenario that I hoped you could do without. I have read a few accounts of high sea adventure and personal journeys like yours and they always seem to include white knuckling storms. I guess it must be worse for the reader than the sailor(second thought maybe not!). It seemed like with the greater the test of skill and luck the greater the reward and enjoyment. It's a knife edge you were balancing a 46 foot alluminum boat on and were able to make that beautiful boat and hardy wonderous crew look like the victors. I was certainly glad you were able to use good judgement and find safe harbour. I am sure there are shipwrecks littering that coast with great sailors that for whatever reason that lost the pissing contest with King Neptune.
I just want to thank you for making my Canadian Winter just glide by like a kind and steady breeze.

Falcon GT
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

YAY!!Congrats to the crew of the Falcon GT, we are so proud of you and so thankful for your safe journey. Can't wait to see you Uncle Doug, we really miss you.
Matt, Stacey and Madelyn

Congratulations to all the Falcon Crew
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Wow what a day! Lisa has used all the Metaphors we could think of, saving us the trouble of writing them all again.
What an exciting day it has been reading all about your battle with the "The Cruel Sea" It was like reading a thriller Doug. You wrote it and described it eloquently. Don't you know yet, what happens to us old people when they get excited?
Between running to the computer and running to answer the calls from Audrey I had to call my Physio and delay my appointment, scared of missing something. Then another call from Audrey. " Go to camera one" is the order. Back to the computer.
Wow, there is the Falcon speeding along, it is out of sight so quickly.
Off I go for my Physio, arrive home and hardly remove my shoes when there is another call-- "Go to camera 4"
Am I on a film set? We dash to the computer and again there is the Falcon. What a beautiful sight.
Well done Lads. Top Class. What a Thrill it has been over the past months. What are we going to do now for excitement. A once in a lifetime occasion that we are so fortunate to have witnessed in our old age.
What can you do to your M.I.L. now Doug? No plane ride will ever top this for excitement.
Welcome back to Dry Land, Brave Sailors.
Pauline & John. (Mum and Dad In-Law)

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Hello everyone aboard Falcon GT:
Just got back from a weather presentation at BHYC and wanted you to know we all gave a hearty toast to all of you for an incredible achievement!
I have followed your website every single day and I can’t believe it is over – I can already feel myself going into withdrawal. No more living vicariously through your exploits.
Enjoy this last bit of time together and enjoy the party you will have upon arrival.
Congratulations again!!!!!!

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Congratulation Captain John and Crew,
So glad to hear that you've made it to your destination. My class has been following your progress over your long journey. I hope that you take time to get lots of rest and relaxation before your long trek back to Oakville. Enjoy your stay in Williamstown. God Bless
Spencer C
Mrs. Lanting's Grade 5 Class OCS

Arrival in Aussieland!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

We send our highest admiration and congratulations on a magnificent cruise on an equally magnificent boat.
What a wonderful accomplishment by the whole crew.
Hope they have time to celebrate and rest a little before the return trip. Hope to be up in Canada in September, looking forward to meeting Doug then and hearing all about it, if they are back by then.
Once again we are full of admiration for them all, well done!
John and Donna.

Well done!!!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

To Captain and Crew - SV Falcon GT,
"Well done thou good and faithful sailors!"

CHEERS to you guys!!!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Congratulations John & Crew.
Enjoy the dry land after that last leg.

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Hi John
Maz here ... just wanted to say well done to the crew of Falcon GT. I have been in contact with Rob Kothe of and he would like to do an interview with you. Can you send me a phone number I can pass on.
Regards, Graham and Maz
Radford Yacht Design Pty Ltd
PO Box 1155 Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Congratulations on the completion of your present voyage, I followed you all the way with great interest. By coincidence I remember having lunch at an Italian restaurant in Apollo Bay while driving The Great Coastal Road from Adelaide to Melbourne.
If I could buy you all a beer I would - maybe you will collect back in Oakville sometime! Enjoy the VB.
Neil Harrison
Oakville, Ontario

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Welcome to Melbourne.
It sounds like you saved the best till last!
Now that you have conquered all those oceans, you can now focus on lifes next challenge. Fortunately for you an opportunity has come up for you.
Owing to PK become lame this morning, and Bill being in Africa , there is the opportunity for you to rejoin the Friday morning runners and be in the top 2!
Promenade 6am – hope to see you soon
Ian Hogbin

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

S/V Falcon GT (Captain John and crew),
Your dream has turned into reality. Congratulations!!.. you all deserve a medal.
Tonight we will celebrate by opening the second bottle of champagne.
We have followed your incredible voyage everyday and plotted it on a map.
We were concerned when the dogs were released, but you managed to weather the storm and accomplish your goal.
We are interested in following the extension of your dream. We have to get together when you return.
-George and Margaret Macenko

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Congratulations John and the entire crew - all that time together and all of you counting on the strengths of each other to make it happen -what a story to tell for years and years.
You were sure the topic of conversation at the retirees luncheon. When I got home I picked up the phone and called the Oakville Beaver to see if they were covering the story and the guy said, "Oh Wow, Thanks for the head-up. No one told us anything about it."
- and by the way, I hope Audrey is still one of your crew on the return voyage. She has kept us all on the edge of our seats reporting the entire voyage.
Irene Saunders

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

From me and my Thesaurus: Wow! Cheers! Hip Hip Hooray! All right! Sensational! Way to Go! Congratulations! Well Done! Commendable teamwork! Good Job! A roaring success! Pip Pip! Applause! Take a bow! (Heck, take a stern, too!) Here's to ya! Knew you could do it! You deserve a big pat on the back! Phenomenal triumph! Nice going! Attaboy (times 5)! Bravo! Achieved your goal! Super! First rate! Hat's off to you! Fantastic accomplishment! Good Show! You came through with flying colours! High Five! You weathered the storms! Yippeeee! Wooooo Hoooooo, Falcon Crew! And MUCH gratitude to Audrey for the humdinger job she did as commander of crew communications and for keeping us all so well informed! MANY, MANY THANKS, "Falconeers," for the progress you made possible in cancer research. And, finally, praise God you are all safe! .......Welcome home!
Love, Lisa

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

John and the guys
CONGRATULATIONS to you all, on a wonderful journey that is almost at the end of the first part. I am sure you have made and will continue to make wonderful memories. You have given people an insight to something that was truly amazing. Once again well done guys. Will be toasting your final few miles here in Oakville.

Hats off!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Hats off and well done to all.
You should all feel proud of yourselfs and one another.
Great achievment,gentleman.
Dan & Breezy FBYC Simonstown

To Our Heroes!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

We just want to add our voice to the many congratulatory words that have been sent. We agree with everyone of them.
Over 50,000 views on your web page over the course of the 116 days, means hundreds, if not thousands of people have been faithfully following this great journey.
We've been doing it because it is such a great story of courage, commitment and passion - the stuff we aspire to and you've acted upon.
Thank you for sharing your adventure. Now who's organizing the party for your loyal fans? Looking forward to toasting you all face to face.
Fred and Lynn Hussey
P.S. Thanks Audrey for everything you've done!

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Congratulations one and all.
An amazing accomplishment.
Alan Hubble
Usual Suspect

Welcome to Oz...
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Dear Crew...
Thanks for the ride, it's been great!
Bob & Judy
Port Dover

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Land Ahoy! We knew you would do it! What an amazing adventure, and thank you because by way of the blog, you have taken all of your followers along for the ride! Now, don’t get me wrong, we are extremely happy you made it safe and sound, but selfishly sad, as we don’t want this to end. Like many others, we look forward to reading the daily blog while enjoying morning coffee or late night tea. Even if I did get sea sick every once in a while, it was all good! Here’s hoping that the blog continues for the return voyage to Canada .
Wendy and Gerry Chant

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Hi Doug S. and the rest of the Crew:
Congratulations!! What a wonderful experience for all of you. You must all be very proud and excited of your accomplishments. Wish we could be with you to celebrate but will await your return to Canada!
All the best and enjoy your celebration you deserve it!
Love Shirley & Vic

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

To the intrepid crew of The Falcon GT, after 116 days, thousands of nautical miles, good bad and ugly weather CONGRATULATIONS!!
And not to forget the families who have been so supportive of their "sailors" not just over the past four months, but all of the time leading up to this once in a lifetime adventure, never forget that they couldn't have done it without you.
Congratulations to all of you!
Lee and Lu-Ann

Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Hi John and crew,
congratulations - you did it - you show all of us, that people can realise great dreams, if they believe to themselves.
Thank you all for many days at my pc with interesting and exciting topics you send all over the world.
Special greetings to my sister, when you hold her in your arms.
Bernd and Ingrid

Congratulations on a great adventure!
Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

Well we will now miss those fun logs, most of us log followers envy the marvelous adventure you all had. We are very glad that you made it . Hope to see you at the Bronte club soon.