The crew of S/V Falcon GT welcome your comments and messages.

Their email address is:

While they are at sea, the crew do not have internet access.
However, all emails sent to this address are immediately passed on to the boat, whereby the crew receive your messages via high frequency sail mail for them to read individually.

Unfortunately we are unable to pass along pictures or attachments until the crew are in port.
Only text messages can be passed on to the boat while at sea.

Thank you everyone for your support and good wishes!

From Russell Cockburn
Wednesday Dec 9th 2009

Hello to all on board and welcome back to the net. I watched your last journey all the way from Canada so its great to see you back on the water. Looking  forward to some pics. when you can get them uploaded! So now then the big question - when is the journey back to Canada going to happen?

All the best and fair winds!

Russ (Cumbria England)


From Andy Hamilton
Tuesday Dec 8th 2009

Greetings to all on board Particularly John and Bill

I am watching your progress on the blog and wishing you fair winds.

Cheers Andy Hamilton