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Thursday Mar. 5th 2009

John, Doug G. Doug S, Brendan, Stewart—The MAGNIFICENT FIVE—
Thank God for Safe Harbours like Apollo Bay.
You are now only hours from docking in Willy, so be sure to “SPLICE THE MAIN BRACE!”
In other words, when you get there enjoy “a DOUBLE TOT of RUM for a “JOB WELL DONE”
This sailing thrill of a life time will always be imbedded in your minds and the minds of all who were sailing with you in Spirit.
Fair Winds, Smooth Sailing, Safe Harbours, God Bless
Bill & Natalie Bullard, BEAUSOLEIL II, BHYC

P.S. Sailor’s night at BHYC Thurs/March 5—we’ll ring the bell to toast SV FalconGT and the Magnificent Crew of Five!!!!!!

P.S.S. Our thoughts are with the Spirit of Mystery and crew for a safer continued journey.

Wednesday Mar. 4th 2009

Hey all!
Congrats on making it to land (again)!! Mom called us at 7:30am (on my sleep in day) to tell us you made it to dry land in Australia.
Almost to the finish line! Be safe and we'll keep reading!
j.j., Tanya and Ethan

Wednesday Mar. 4th 2009

CONGRATULATIONS Douglas, John and all the Crew on reaching Australian soil.
What a wonderful journey you have all been on, no doubt the stories and memories
will stay with you forever. We have thoroughly enjoyed following your trip and looking at all the interesting photos and videos. Looking forward to catching up when you get home to Coffs Harbour.
A big thank you to Audrey who has done a wonderful job handling all your emails.
Fondest Wishes
Noel and Judy Webber

Hey from Ford.
Wednesday Mar. 4th 2009

John and crew….
Kingsley, Kel, Pat and I (Courtney and upcoming new baby) want to know where to meet up with you to take the return trip. We have decided to pack it in and take the journey home with you…LOL !
We are watching you everyday and the swear jar is getting larger by the hour!
Thinking about you.

Ian & Sue
Wednesday Mar. 4th 2009

Doug G
Welcome to Apollo Bay !
Ian & Sue H

Congrats to the crew of Falcon GT
Wednesday Mar. 4th 2009

After a lifetime of planning,
6 years of construction,
2 years of preparing,
you are about to reach your destination.
From what we have read on your blog,
it has been everything you had hoped it would be.
Congratulations to you and your crew,
for a lifetime of experiences.
From Sherri and Larry
and the crew of Rock & Roll.
(I look forward to saling with you someday)
(We are looking for crew at BHYC if you are in the Oakville neghbourhood)

YEAH STUART!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday Mar. 3rd 2009

Hey Stuart!!!!
i am soooo happy and proud for what you have done . What an accomplishment, what an adventure, and you've done it! I've been reading faithfully, as so many others have been doing, and i still shake my head as I read the blog, because there's no way that i could do what you guys have done. I look forward to seeing you soon, and hearing all the stories....And as someone already commented, Elena IS amazing, she has kept things together while you were gone & I think she's come out even stronger than she was before. I am so lucky to call you both friends.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sheila and Bill
Tuesday Mar. 3rd 2009

Wow, you're almost there! What a fantastic journey you've been on.
We'll miss reading your daily blogs, seeing your great pics and videos.
This may be our last chance to write, so we want to congratulate all of you for a job very well done!
We'll have the champagne ready for a toast to all of you on Thursday. Unfortunately we can't be there in person, but we will be there in spirit.
You are awesome, talented, and very courageous men!
We admire each and every one of you and are very proud that you've made it to Australian waters!
Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable journey with us.
We are very pleased to see that you have made it safely.
We thank God for that, not to mention all of your superior sailing skills!
It's great to see you've accomplished a dream and, did it helping raise funds for cancer. You're a terrific bunch of fellows!
Enjoy your stay in Australia!
For those of you returning to Canada via the Falcon GT, good luck, be safe, we'll be thinking of you.
Will you have updates via the internet on your return journey to Canada?
We're hoping at least one of you will write a book about your sailing adventure. Keep us posted.
Take care, and all the best.
Love Sheila and Bill xo

Monday Mar. 2nd 2009

Captain & Crew,
In awe. Had it not been for Trevor, would not have known so am following in your wake via 'net. Doubt not many JG 33 members are aware of your voyage and fundraising aim. ( and the pte offer still stands. ) Here in the Victorian Alps, this Tuesday is forecast as a mix of not small Beaufort numbers but if we get 'em you hopefully will miss 'em.
Tho unlikely ever to see Miss sv Falcon GT, best looking prototype ever laid eyes on. Is the auxillary motor a 351 ? (jest)
Fair sailing fellas .........

Monday Mar. 2nd 2009

Hi Doug S. John and the rest of you brave guys:
Almost there, what a memorable adventure for you all. We have enjoyed reading the Blog everyday, seeing the pictures and video's. We will miss it all.
Audrey has worked so very hard putting it all together for everyone to enjoy. We are very proud of her.
We are looking forward to a big family get together, when you are settled back home here in cold, cold Canada.
We trust big and little Al to steer you in to harbour. Safe, smooth flight home too.
Love from
Mum & Dad Sarnia.

Monday Mar. 2nd 2009

Enjoyed hearing John on ABC Overnight radio with Trevor Chapel 0300 this morning.
Enjoy the last couple of days. Good weather!
Bruce Meyers

Welcome to Williamstown
Monday Mar. 2nd 2009

Hello John and crew,
You guys have certainly wet my appetite. I was in the Aussie Navy for 20 years and just love the sea but you guys are experiencing the real way to travel, by sail.
I will be at Williamstown on Thursday to see you arrive. I also heard you interviewed on ABC Radio 774 Melbourne by Trevor Chappell early this morning.
Your trip here and return is wonderful for the Cancer Society. You should be very proud.
Congratulations and Happy Sailing.
All the best
Alex Wilson

Stuart and Crew
Monday Mar. 2nd 2009

Hi Stuart and Crew,
Wow, I can't believe your trip is almost over!. What will I do each morning while drinking my cup of coffee!. I have been reading the Falcon's blog ever since you left New York City. Can't wait to hear more detail on your return. By the way Stuart, your new house looks great. Patrick and I took one full van load of stuff last Sunday to help Elena (ok.. we also wanted to have a sneak peak at the house). It is really nice. I love the trees in the front. Your wife is one amazing woman. She had a lot to do in your absence and I don't know how she was able to manage it all. But you will be back soon and she will get to relax. I would suggest a nice retreat weekend just the 2 of you. Free babysitting at the Elliott's house. See you soon,
Safe journey to the crew in your last few days,
Christiane Elliott and family

Hi John + Doug and the rest of the crew,
Friday Feb. 27th 2009

Mum said she has spoken to Aunty Fay who was very happy to speak to on the phone last week. We have all been following your trip, mum, comes up to our house and we have a look at your progress.
When you arrive are there any arrangements with Ford Australia and / or any GT clubs to have any cars there? Could be a good news item for TV ( would be happy to find the news desks e-mail if you wish), we have had terrible bush fires where over 200 people have unfortunately lost their lives. We all look forward to coming down and welcoming all of you. Aidan is nearly 6 and Ethan has turned 3. Hope the arrival date is before the 17th March as this is when Sharon is booked to have our 3rd child.
All the best and see you soon.
Leila, Robyn, Gordon, Sharon, Aidan and Ethan (who is asleep on the couch at present).

Manda, Rich, Jenny, Will & Tom
Thursday Feb. 26th 2009

Hi Uncle John, Uncle Doug and all the crew,
We are so excited about your amazing and very brave journey/trip and we are looking forward to you arriving in Melbourne. We are very proud of you.
Lots of Love
Manda, Rich, Jenny, Will & Tom

Thursday Feb. 26th 2009

Hello to Doug S and Crew,
It is truly amazing to watch your daily adventures and how far you have traveled. You can finally see that the end is near. We still look forward to reading your entries daily. Hope you have gotten some sleep without rolling around. Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments.
Christine, Dan and Daniel Powers

Thursday Feb. 26th 2009

John—you are living a Dream of so many sailors—Congratulations on following your dream to build your own boat to sail to your homeland, Australia . We have been following your fantastic, comprehensive website—it is almost as perfect as being the ‘Fly’ on your shoulder!
You and your Crew have had an amazing sailing journey. Kudos to you and your crew. Only 821 nm to go, KEEP UP the “SMART SAILING”.
To “SV FALCON GT” and the “MAGNIFICENT FIVE” on board, wishing you Fair Winds, Smooth Sailing, Safe Harbours , God Bless,
Natalie & Bill Bullard, BEAUSOLEIL II, Bronte Harbour .
P.S. Kudos to your families for supporting and believing in your adventure.

Dave Gunn
Thursday Feb. 26th 2009

Congratulations on nearing your destination. I have introduced your website to many of my colleagues and have got them hooked on your adventure
Stu and Brendan, Brian Betts is now a keeping an eye on you.
All of you are doing great.........what's the encore going to be? Oh ya, you are sailing back to Canada I forgot. May your last few days at sea be smooth sailing.
Best wishes
Dave Gunn

Just Checking In
Wednesday Feb. 25th 2009

Hi Doug S. and Crew:
Almost there, almost there!! Hope you are still hanging in and all getting along after this length of time?! The weather sounds horrendous!! Stay safe and cannot wait to hear when you arrive at your destination!
Shirley & Vic

Ian and Sue
Sunday Feb. 22nd 2009

Doug G
Congrats on making it to Aust waters.
Ian & Sue H

Hello sailors from Denmark
Saturday Feb. 21st 2009

Hi John & the rest of crew
I have just introduced your website to the Danish audience, they are truly impressed, even nobody here would attempt to do what you have done.
Great to see you are now very close to your final mark, good speed for the rest of the way.
See you , Hjordis & her friend Lise in Middelfart, Denmark

Hey guys...
Thursday Feb. 19th 2009

Hey guys, don't forget to make that "Toast" when you first see Australia.
Great job crew, what a fantastic trip!!!
(Hello again Audrey, fantastic job with your website, too.)
Gary Smith

Brendan & the Crew of Falcon GT - 100+ Days at Sea
Thursday Feb. 19th 2009

Hi Brendan & the Crew of Falcon GT.
Congratulations on successfully completing 100 days at sea - you are almost there!
What an adventure! We have been looking at the beautiful pictures, videos & following your journey from day one.
You are living your dreams - while at BMTT we can watch CN Tower!
Best Wishes & Good Luck for smooth sailing until your destination – Melbourne.
ND(Andy), Faisel, Imran, Ruth, David, Sheila, Rafael.

Y O U !!
Thursday Feb. 19th 2009

Well done..and good future weather...
John/Jack Sunter...Melbourne.
(Friend of J.R...@ Mt Isa.)

Thursday Feb. 19th 2009

Doug S. and crew of the Falcon GT,
We are seeing the finish line on the connection room wall. You are about 18" from the corner of the room where the black line ends with the total miles from Capetown as 5627nm. "OZ" indicates the completion of the 6 foot segment disected into quarters. You will have reached the 3/4 line by tomorrow. I suppose it is bitter sweet for all of you but the incredible experience that is still a long way from over is yet to be digested.
I suppose as you get closer to land the swells will create some chop. The Hobart race is well documented. We are pulling for you guys here. I spent some time on the West Coast with the Dept. of Fisheries and after a stint of what seemed like an eternity as a young 19 yr. old of 3 weeks. We would love to hear the words that we were heading for home. That's when I heard the expression "Channel Fever". It comes over you and sleeping becomes somehow shortened.

Tom Southon
Thursday Feb. 19th 2009

Good morning.
I hope this note finds the crew well.
Just a thought, you should put together a recipe book of all food you created some of them sound amazing. Throw in in some picture and exerts from your journals, it would make a fine book.
Tom Southon

Gary & Melody Ziegler
Wednesday Feb. 18th 2009

We have been following your courageous and exciting voyage since October and find it very addicting to tune in each day to see what adventures the brave mighty sailors have come across today!
We too have lost family and friends to cancer and hope and pray that one day a cure will be found.
Good luck for the remainder of your journey - through water and through life!
Gary & Melody

As the days go by
Tuesday Feb. 17th 2009

Good morning Doug ,,, or Good night?
Many of my friends are watching and we are all very happy that the journey is moving along.
As we can see by the map you are flirting with the coast of Aussie.
The pictures of the crew that you have been posting on the site have given everyone I know a sense of being there. But my friends all know that they can take a break in " your " journey anytime they want to. A few days pass by and then they log on to your site. At this time they start their own little adventure. For a few moments we are on the high seas, fighting the 20 foot waves, watching the whales and dolphins swim along side the vessel, feeling the splash of salt water on our faces,,, then sipping a little rum. Oh what a feeling !!!
Then we turn off the computer and go to bed.

They jump on the Go train Monday morning and make their way into work, argue with the Boss ,,grab a tube steak for lunch, and then try to make 4:37 back to Port Credit.
And do it all over again for the next four days,,,, hmmmmmm
I guess reading and watching the five of you gentlemen gives us all a sense of adventure without the cost. But most of us can only try to imagine the strain that you all have been under at different times of this journey
Keep up the good work.

I have to go to Canadian Tire now ,,,,,for an oil change and to top up my windshield washer fluid ,,, remember doing that Doug ???!!!

Tuesday Feb. 17th 2009

Hi Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
Congratulations for the 100 days at sea! I have been following your journey since day 1. It becomes a habit of mine to check the blog everyday. I am very happy to see that you are getting closer and closer to Australia.
Good luck for the rest of your journey!

Congratulations and fair winds
Tuesday Feb. 17th 2009

Congratulations and fair winds to you all. I note that you have passed the 100 days at sea and still maintain good spirits. Do you reckon on another 15 days to Melbourne?
Doug... CH has had 432mm of rain in the last 6 days.
Ken Buckley.