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Congratulations to everyone - I couldn't help myself - oh dearie !!!!
One hundred days at sea
How can that be?
One hundred days at sea

One hundred days on the boat
Always afloat?
One hundred days on the boat

One hundred days of smelly cheese
One hundred days of smelly cheese

One hundred days of sail and rope
And lots of hope
One hundred days of sail and rope

One hundred days towards Melbourne
And perhaps Lorne
One hundred days towards Melbourne

One hundred days of sunshine
You're doing fine
One hundred days of sunshine

One hundred days of heroes
Here goes - CHEERS
One hundred days of heroes

Anne and Family
" Destination Headquarters "

------- -----------------------

100th DAY AT SEA
( 125 days from Oakville Ontario )
Cheers! Audrey

Monday Feb. 16th 2009

Doug S. and crew,
I was loooking through a song book to play along with my guitar and going through a section called "Seas and Sailors" I chanced upon a traditional Irish Folk song called "Bound For South Australia". I wouldn't be surprised if it's not your theme song. I will give you the lyrics and the link on "Youtube" . It's all about the very trip you are on.
Perry - Nosey Flynns' version

Bound for South Australia – Pogues version

In South Australia I was born
Heave away haul away
In South Australia 'round Cape Horn
We're bound for South Australia

Haul away your rolling king heave away haul away
Haul away you'll hear me sing we're bound for South Australia

As I walked out one morning fair
Heave away haul away
'Twas there I met Miss Nancy Blair
We're bound for South Australia

There's just one thing that's on my mind
Heave away haul away
That's leaving Nancy Blair behind
We're bound for South Australia

And as we wallop round Cape Horn
Heave away haul away
You'll wish to God you've never been born
We're bound for South Australia

In South Australia I was born
Heave away haul away
In South Australia 'round Cape Horn
We're bound for South Australia

Sunday Feb. 15th 2009

30 days was a flash for us on land.,lads,
happy to see you still have beer.
Dan&Breezy, FBYC (False Bay Yacht Club Simon's Town)

Friday Feb. 13th 2009

Researching the SM's affliction of Oraleffluency, my sources indicate that the first course of action is insubordination. If that fails and the condition worsens to an extremely critical state, the only possible cure is..... mutiny. It's about #%$ time you guys get on each others' last nerve! Took you $%#@% long enough!
The great thing about being male is that you're all great buddies again as soon as you pop open "a cold one."
You're all to be congratulated on your teamwork, even if that means cussing each other out from time to time.

Friday Feb. 13th 2009

Love your sense of humor Northern regions they might call that "Cabin Fever" you are handling it just fine ...don't let it fester.
What's your approximate ETA for Melbourne? Just in case I can make it there for arrival!!!
Karl Hellmann (KAMIMA)

Note from Hornby
Friday Feb. 13th 2009

I'm assuming that Oraleffluency has nothing to do woth oral fluency, but then I guess a dictionary wasn't something you remembered to pack. . . . . . . this might be a good comedy act for This Hour has Twenty Two Minutes.
Irene Saunders

Mark Wiseman
Thursday Feb. 12th 2009

Hello John.
I just heard from Rick Burbridge about your incredible adventure.
It certainly explains why I haven't seen you around the neighbourhood lately!
I'm going to send the address of your excellent website to a few people and maybe rustle up some more donations.
Best of luck to you and the rest of the crew.
Mark Wiseman

Greetings from Oakville
Thursday Feb. 12th 2009

Commander Gayford,
Just a note to let you know Monica is sitting here reminding me to send greetings. Well, greetings!
Missed meeting up with you in S.A., probably because I didn't get there as planned.
Rob M.

Totally Impressed !
Wednesday Feb. 11th 2009
John, I am absolutely in awe of your voyage and the professional web site covering this magnificent event. Your crew are simply the very made some very wise choices!
Mira and I had visitors from the USA this summer and took them to Bronte to see your boat and told them what I knew about your intended Voyage...These same people are following your daily logs and progress and are totally in awe. There is a total disconnect from having seen the boat in Bronte and realizing it is now in the Southern Ocean??? You, your crew, have given all of us so much to talk about, and explain, as we sit here in Florida (our 8th winter) playing golf, fishing and shuffleboard.
I'm reminded, as I read the Tuesday log, that once in a while , when "Kamima" racing in Lake Ontario, she would get into a groove, surfing @ 14 knots with a 3/4 oz. chute, #3Jib in the slot and reefed main...she would go into Harmonic Vibration. The sound was eerie but quite euphoric . I couldn't help wonder, seeing that 18.6 Kt speed... if "Falcon' ever goes into harmonic vibration.
You have our donation and probably more from our US Friends and Our very Best Wishes for a safe journey for the 2nd half of this Leg.
Karl Hellmann

aussy trip
Tuesday Feb. 10th 2009
Hi crew members
just learned about your fantastic journey and web site enjoying it immensely
wish you safe sailing on the rest of your sail.

Tuesday Feb. 10th 2009
Wow! Halfway across the Southern Ocean. Having reached that new plateau it will be all down hill from now on.We mean that in the positive sense, of course.
What did the SM do to deserve having his dinner dumped in his lap?
Or was it just a case of Senior hands not being able to move so fast. Just Kidding.
You are all doing a fantastic job.. We are rooting for you on the "longest mile home"
John & Pauline.

Well Wishes!
Sunday Feb. 8th 2009
Hello John and All,
Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your voyage via your excellent website!
Have a great and safe sail for the rest of your trip to Australia.
Congratulations on your fundraising too.
Best Regards,
Richard Ross (BHYC) - Sharon's dad.

Katja---Answer to Question (Feb. 7/09)
Sunday Feb. 8th 2009
Hi John,
It's Katja, I can't find the correct answer to your question because when I looked up your position on Google Earth, there were so many islands near you that I don't know if there are any habitants on them! But if there aren't any, I'd say that the answer would be, "Most isolated place on earth."
Love you,

Amazing journey
Sunday Feb. 8th 2009
Hi Doug et al!
Just wanted to let you guys know that the pictures and video are absolutely amazing from our perspective and we're so proud to know you 5! what a feat ... you all must have nerves of steel as well as bronzed bods! we're thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers
Good Luck and God Bless
Lee and Maurice

Rick Burbridge
Sunday Feb. 8th 2009
Hi John and Mates. I just heard from Medhat about your adventures.
I am Happy that you are living your dream and wish you all continued good luck.
I'll log in and donate $25 to the cause, and I hope to see you around Oakville in the future.
Rick Burbridge
Ford Controller's Office Retiree

Munie and Mark
Saturday Feb. 7th 2009
Hi Doug G John and the Crew,
Wonderful being half way between Cape Town and Perth!
Temperatures 43 C in Melbourne and Sydney today with extreme bush fire alerts; 28 in Sawtell.-perfect for kayaking.
See you soon in Melbourne.
Love Munie and Mark

Ian & Sue
Saturday Feb. 7th 2009
Hi Doug G and the rest of the crew
Happy sailing. Trust a little more wind comes your way.
You still have time to join us in kokoda, though I guess not
Ian & Sue

From Fayfee Mum, Ian, Anne and Jenny
Friday Feb. 6th 2009
Hello to the 5 intrepid sailors
This is a cherio from us because we want to go in the cherio list!!!! Mum (and all of us here at 'destination headquarters') think you're the absolute BEST and you all have so much courage and ability to be able to make your dreams come true, so there!!!! We love you, stay safe in waters NOT too far south - not far to go now and we can't wait to be with you all - congratulations and our love always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

News from ford retiree association
Friday Feb. 6th 2009
hi john and crew
hope you enjoying the sailing and weather and God speed
yesterday in our monthly meeting -the first thursday each month- in burlington
we all who were in attendance donated each $2.00 for the cause
it was nice and fun and hope we do it every time we meet
take care and say hello to the rest of the crew

Friday Feb. 6th 2009
Dear John and Crew of the Good Ship Falcon GT,
You forgot to mention the Queensland floods!
Isa got 8 inches in 2 hours. Room flooded - car floated away.
Ingham under water.
You are nearly there. V1 anyway -no turning back now!!
Are you going to write a book? I can confirm that it certaily occupies your time in retirement.

Lisa and Mike
Thursday Feb. 5th 2009
Greetings, Stuie, Huey, Dewey, Louie....and Pewey - the one who needs a shower! A local TV news broadcast often rats (no pun intended) out restaurants in a segment called "Dirty Dining." After watching Stuie preparing food with his foot on the counter, I'm going to have to report you. Lol! Past 1/3 of the way now, this 2nd leg seems to be passing quickly, if not entirely smoothly. The videos and your reports keep us on the edge of our seats, whilst you fall off the edge of yours.
After 23 days, Mike is home from the hospital - we've appreciated the thoughts sent our way from the Falcon crew. You're in OUR prayers, too!
Lisa & Mike

Sheila and Bill
Thursday Feb. 5th 2009
Good day from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to John G. and the crew! : )
The sun is shining in Toronto today with blue skies, but we still have lots of snow on the ground. Temp. is -12 today, -19 with the wind chill, brrrr. Hurry up Spring!
Still following your incredible journey and it's been very exciting, and educational to say the least.
You fellows are so courageous!!!
Love reading your daily blogs, and seeing all the great pictures and videos. Keep them coming, and thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the cherrios!
Keep enjoying your journey, be safe and have fun!
Good luck and all the best!
Love Sheila and Bill xo

1/3 of the distance.
Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009
Doug S. and crew,
It's another milestone past after day 18. 1/3 the distance and after my 3 days off I see you have gone about 500nm in my absence from work. I was too busy shovelling and partying to check with you guys. In a six foot section of the office wall you managed four inches towards OZ.
Great going. remember every 130 miles is worth 1 and 1/2 inches. Inch by inch you are making headway.

Wishing you wind in your sails......
Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009
....................from a snow buried TO!
Hi Brendan,
Looks like you are having a blast and we are all following the journey. Keep going with the fantastic photography! Hope you enjoyed a taste of South Africa (Cape Town was the best view.....).
You are most likely in the middle of the Indian Ocean now - enjoy the swells.
...Pather (FCI hat was a nice touch...that was the best part of the project LOL).

Kel Jackson
Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009
SM - just watched the videos you posted. Those and recalling the Oh S--t cruise are all the sailing I need! You guys amaze me. I've missed the smiling face of my penalty box copilot and have been following the adventure closely. Fabulous website. Thought of you last week as I attempted to break your record for downtime at the T cart into the dead rolls. You'll be proud to know you're still champ. Best wishes and God bless.
Kel Jackson

Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009
Hi John,
We are following your daily reports with great interest, an incredible journey !
Looking forward to seeing you on your safe arrival in Melbourne..
Jeff & Ethel Johnson & Family.

Jim & Cherie
Wednesday Feb. 4th 2009
Hi John,
Have been reading your blogs and getting seasick watching the videos. I don't know how you do it. Stay safe and know that we're thinking of you. (Nice things)
Jim & Cherie

Happy Ground Hog Day!!!!!
Monday Feb. 2nd 2009
Hey Stuart & shipmates!!!
In case you forgot, it's ground hog day today, and the little bugger declared 6 more weeks of winter...No surprise there. I'm sure you've heard of how much fun it's been shoveling snow this year....That's okay, i'm sure you'll make it up to Elena next winter by never letting her pick up a shovel, right?????
Today the sun is shining, finally, but not for long, another storm is supposed to roll in over the next couple of days.....On a work note, things are pretty quiet as we start a new month, not so surprised, but hopes are that it's going to start picking up if the deep freeze that we've been stuck in doesn't come back.
Take care Stuart...miss ya.......

Bruce Meyers Sydney OZ
Monday Feb. 2nd 2009
Enjoying your logs and reports. Not too keen on the rough weather videos though.
You obviously built a ruddy good vessel.
Looking at today's location, reckon it would be nice to head a bit north east and get a bit closer to WestOz.
Enjoy the rest of your voyage. Watch out for that "rogue".
Melbourne's B..#** hot right now but should be nice by the time you get there.
Good Luck.
Bruce Meyers Sydney OZ

Ian & Sue
Sunday Feb. 1st 2009
Hi Doug. G.
Happy Sailing - what more can I say. If I wish you more wind, its likely to blow a gale, and I cant say the wind you are getting is enough either.
See you in March
Ian & Sue H

Sunday Feb. 1st 2009
Hello Doug S and Crew,
Have been thinking about you and reading of your voyage daily. This morning when I was walking Maggie, I saw an Air Canada plane coming in for landing. Normally, I would have wondered if you had put the bags in the belly. We all enjoyed the photos of the whale. What an amazing adventure you are having!!! Did you all think that the winds would be this slow at this point of your trip? Know that we are living your trip with you through your daily blogs. Thanks for sharing!!!!
Here's to the winds!
Christine, Dan and Daniel

Donna and John Davies
Saturday Jan. 31st 2009
Hello Doug S. and crew,
We have been following your progress with much interest and will continue to do so.
We wish you all the best on the final leg to Ausyland and a safe return home.
Best Wishes, Donna and John.

From the Big Desert county
Saturday Jan. 31st 2009
To John, Dirty and crewmates:
Permission to come aboard the big adventure. Fantastic reading of the exploits! Safe seas, I'll start lining up the pots for when you get into Port Phillip.
Bernie (The Fox)

Cruising For Cancer
Thursday Jan. 29th 2009
Hi Crew great effort, a very interesting blog, hopefully this will help you generate the funds you are aiming for, it's such a worthy cause,
like many others I have lost loved ones to this disease, my father in 2001 & husband in 2006...
Doug S, my brother Tim MacDonald tells me you have known each other for over 30 years, wish I could have joined you all for a cuppa in Cape Town I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa...
Enjoy the adventure, Take Care & God Speed

Shirley and Vic
Thursday Jan. 29th 2009
Thank you for the post card Doug. Simon's Town does look like a great place to visit for sure! Your pictures are so good especially the ones of the whale, what an experience that must have been?! The one taken yesterday of you steering looks like you are really cold?! However, I don't think it's as bad as what we are having. We have had so much snow since Nov. and Sarnia never sees this much! I think your wife has had enough of shovelling, you owe her big time!!!!
Take care Doug and keep those pictures coming!
Shirley & Vic

Caroline, Steve and Stevie
Thursday Jan. 29th 2009
Hey Uncle Doug S. and the rest of the crew:
What a fantastic trip so far! We eagerly await your daily updates. Have many friends now checking in too to watch your progress.
Keep up the good work and safe travels...
Caroline, Steve, and Stevie

Greetings from the paintshop skilled trades Dept.
Wednesday Jan. 28th 2009
John and Crew,
We are all following your trip via your blog and look forward to every update that you and your crew post.
You guys are living the dream and we are all with you every step of the way.
Cheers and be safe.
John Kimman.

Sharon Coffs Harbour
Wednesday Jan. 28th 2009
Crew of Falcon GT
I recently emailed the National Marine Science Centre based in Coffs Harbour in the hope that they would be able to identify your whale -Shari has just fwd me the following response from a member of the NMSC based in Samoa: How exciting !
Coffs Harbour
Hi Shari,
Could you please pass this on to Sharon. I e-mailed a colleague, Olive Andrews (IFAW Samoa), who is an expert in the field of Cetaceans. Her response is below. Hope this helps. Sounds like Doug got to witness something very special.
Kind regards, Andrew
I say,this little fella is a quite plump Pygmy Right whale - Caperea marginata.
They're range is 31S to 55S, pretty much exactly in the kind of tack your mate was travelling between Sth Africa & Melbourne. He's quite a rare critter. Smallest and least known of all the baleen whales (5.5m - 6.5m). Nothing known of his population status.
Mouth too curved to be a Minke.
Chur chur
Dan &Breezy
Wednesday Jan. 28th 2009
Morning Lads
Thanx for the letter Doug. (S).
Love the web site. Makes one feel as though you're there.
Must admit I probably sleep a whole lot better. Keep them coming.
The book is The Covenant by James Michener.
Best one of you makes a turn back here to pick up a copy. I'll buy!!!!
Fair Winds,sailors
Dan &Breezy

Indiana Snow Day
Tuesday Jan. 27th 2009
G'day Fella's.
Greetings from a snowy/icy Indiana. It's been awesome following you along each day. You all seem to have the program down pat. Daily HH is pure genius!!
Jen, Tillie, and Ollie send a BIG HUGE G'day!!
Tillie loses a tooth every other day and Ollie thinks he's Angus Young from AC/DC. BTW: It's taken a while to type this because Ollie picked off the lower two rows of keys on the laptop!!
Cheers and safe travels.

Editor's Note:
Tuesday Jan. 27th 2009
Heartfelt THANKS from the crew of Falcon GT go out to everyone who has contributed so generously in many different ways to our fundraising goal in the fight for a cure for cancer. Below is just one example of the many acts of kindness and generosity from so many of you throughout this journey. Thank you all for your continued support and daily messages. Your keen interest and fun emails help keep the crew's momentum going forward after such a long time at sea.

Note from Hornby
Tuesday Jan. 27th 2009
It's too bad you couldn't have been here for my 80th birthdy party John. I could hardly believe the crowd that filled the auditorium, and with that many good friends we had a great time.
My family tried to get the word out to as many as possible that instead of buying cards I would rather have them drop a few dollars in the box for cancer research. Well, a lot didn't know about it but when we counted last night there was $317.25 in cash and cheques, and then I found another $25.00 at my back door this morning. So I wrote a cheque to round it up to $500.00 and it's in the mail to the Cancer Society - Oakville.
I went looking for a new outfit - didn't like anything I saw - so I figured the money would be better spent on cancer research.
The pictures and accounts of the trip are great, and you guys really work as a team. It's on to Australia.
Irene Saunders

John Lyth
Monday Jan. 26th 2009
Hi John
Great to hear everything is going so well. I will pass on your best to the guys.
Good winds and safe seas to you guys.
We will be with you all the way.
John Lyth.

Ronald Muir
Monday Jan. 26th 2009
Thanks for the note John. We are all reading your log daily and marvel
at your daily adventures. Loved the photo's of the whale and hearing
about the 20 lb yellow fin. Get ready to hold on as I am sure the roarin
40's wind is about to fill your sails.
I will pass on your note to everyone. Godspeed.

Happy Australia Day
Monday Jan. 26th 2009
A Post Script on our e-mail of Saturday (24th Jan) Happy Australia Day for today Monday 26th, although it is Tuesday 27th over there now!
Presume you celebrated in style.
We just had another Senior Moment!
from John & Pauline

Happy Australia Day for Monday Jan. 26th
Sunday Jan. 25th 2009
Happy Australia Day
G'Day, mates! Just wanted to pop by to wish you a Happy Aussie Day - before Monday is over in Australia.
I expect John and Doug G. to fly your flag, and stand before it to sing "Advance Australia Fair" today, and the rest of the crew can sing "Advance TO Australia Fair."
And then, of course, lots of toasts to the land down under at HH!

Saturday Jan. 24th 2009
Hello!! I have a feeling the whale they saw is a Minke!! Fins and Blues don't normally breach I don't believe, and a blue whale is HUGE, so I think they probably saw a Minke.
Did it fully come out of the water and breach? The fin doesn't look right for a fin back either, and the only time I've seen them I've barely seen their head, but this one looked playful or something, so not sure. My bet is Minke!! I'm so excited!! What a fantastic shot!!!
Jenn & Kevin & Lola

Great sailing John G. & Crew
Saturday Jan. 24th 2009
We're following along each day since we heard about your trip John. Here's wishing all of you safe and windy waters.
ps. Who painted the boat? We have a grievance in for when you get back.
Gary Smith & Don Mcrae

Re: Whale
Saturday Jan. 24th 2009
My guess is that your whale is the Antarctic or Southern Minke Whale (same whale, different names). I'm going by it's flat looking head and the fact that it's found in the Southern Ocean.
If the whale seen Saturday was, in fact, 40' long (with no fisherman's exaggeration!) then it's not a minke, which can get up to 32' long- but are usually 22'-24'.
A minke can be distinguished from other whales by a white band on each flipper. Since the crew were able to watch him for a good half hour, maybe they can recall if they noticed the bands or not.
As of 2008, the estimates for population in the Southern Hemisphere are 665,074 - so if that wasn't a Minke, chances are the crew might see one or two in the future! (Info from Wikipedia)
Love, Lisa ( LOVE the smile!! The eyes appear to be behind the white curve just like in the Wikipedia picture).

Saturday Jan. 24th 2009
Hi Guys:
Great pics of the whale. We don't care what kind of whale it was, just as long as it didn't jump on board or even worse, swallow the bait!
He (or she) would have reeled you all in.
We hope the storms stay well behind you and just help you on your way.
We saw Melbourne on the 'local' (Kitchener) news last night. That was something else!
Take care
John and Pauline.

Barbara and John
Thursday Jan. 22nd 2009
John and Shipmates:
What an amazing read. Wish there was a way to hear your stories in person! It would be a fun night!
Our thoughts are with you, and we hope this finds you safe and happy, and not tucked up into a cubby hole in a storm as you were on Simsie's trip.
Take care,
Barbara (Greb) and John Sinnott

Hi John and Crew
Thursday Jan. 22nd 2009
Hi John - it's been fun reading about your journey. We're jealous of the warm air and sun. Jeanette and I had to take a week off walking because it was so freezing here.
The birds are beautiful - it must be great watching them. Do the whales ever come close enough to the boat to make you nervous?
Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date with this great site. It makes me feel a little warmer looking at your pictures.
Safe travels,
Nancy and Peter Joyce

Here you go !!
Monday Jan. 19th 2009
John & the rest of the guys
Well guys here you go, on the run in although it’s a long one.
We ( everybody following you at Ford ) wish you all the very best for good winds and safe seas.
Keep up the great logs they are of immense interest, and the great photographs speak volumes.
John L.

Monday Jan. 19th 2009
Hi Stu,
Congrats on starting the last leg of the voyage.
I hope you got by the Agulhas Bank all right. Best of luck.
Last week here, we had two inches of rain in two hours and that brought down fourteen avalanches across the road which was then closed for three days, but all is fine now.
Have fun, and take care.

Just Hi + best wishes
Monday Jan. 19th 2009
Hi to you all in the crew.
Just found your voyage details via the mention from Pete Goss, whose voyage we are following avidly from Cornwall.
If you are experiencing the same weather then it is getting pretty rugged out there and althugh in the midst of a wet gusty blow here that is nothing to your weather down around 36 south.
Great to see you guys are from Ontario. Way way back some of my antecedents(1870's) left England to make a fortune in Ontario - sheep farming !- that didn't last long - but they did make a fortune in the timber industry near Huntsville and the Mary Lake region. Even built their own township - Parkersville - now alas defunct. They sold sawn lumber to the railways and to shipping company's down near Quebec and Toronto.
Will be following your blog as well now.
As we say in Cornwall as also to Pete and his crew - 'Go safely on the wind. God's speed'
Kindest regards
Nigel Parker
Cornwall. England

South about
Sunday Jan. 18th 2009
G’day each
So, you’re on your way again with the v-berth all shipshape and Bristol fashion. Lubberly. Now it’s all parallel sailing (or could be if you chose!!).
I can hear that good old Clancy Brother’s version of “South Australia” (except, of course, it’s the wrong Cape to be walloping around) …….
‘There ain’t but one thing grieves my mind, Heave away, Haul away, To leave Miss Nancy Blair behind, We’re bound for South Australia. Heave away you rolling king, Heave away, Haul away, Heave away you’ll hear me sing, We’re bound for South Australia.’
There is a lovely lady whom I know living near Chelmsford, UK. Her name is Win and she has just celebrated her 102nd birthday. She is avidly following your progress and is looking forward to an autographed copy of your “soon to be published” book recording your epic voyage!!
Stay safe and keep a weather eye on the stern rollers!!! The other stoker also sends regards, as always.

Shirley and Vic
Sunday Jan. 18th 2009
Hi Doug S. and all the Crew:
Glad to hear you are on your way again and you enjoyed your stay in South Africa. Hope this part of the journey continues to be successful as the last. Looking forward to reading your blogs again!
All the best
Shirley & Vic

Good on ya boys!
Sunday Jan. 18th 2009
Hi; Hope you are all well, safe and sound.
I've just donated. I'm going on an adventure in the spring to support the fight against cancer myself, it's good of you to be doing this fund raising.
I heard about you guys from my tug crew in YYZ. Safe journey guys.
Glen Baxby
Air Canada

Safe sailing
Sunday Jan. 18th 2009
Hi Doug S, Captain John, and All:
We are pleased to hear you are on your way again with a fresh, refurbished boat etc.
Also pleased that everything went well for you in S.A. It sounded great.
Expect you have had the first HH at sea by now. So Here's Wishing you Safe and Fast sailing on the 2nd half of your trip.
We will keep following you on the old P.C.
John & Pauline.

Greetings from the great white north...
Sunday Jan. 18th 2009
Hi Doug S. and crew.
Glad to hear that you had such an enjoyable stay in SA. After all that time at sea you deserved the R&R.
So Doug, you looked out and saw large white dunes huh? We must be looking at the same thing. We look out our window each morning and see large white dunes - only difference is ours are made of snow not sand! It's been snowing and we're blaming it all on you! Perhaps once you're home it will stop. So hurry home eh!
Keep well and stay safe out there.
Lee & Lu-Ann

your website
Saturday Jan. 17th 2009
Enjoy your website packed with information.
In front of you in SA. 17 year old Zac Sunderland, circumnavigater U S A.
Behind you Mike Perham 16 year old circumnavigator UK.
Good luck all the best.

Safe Sailing, Ya'll
Saturday Jan. 17th 2009
Wishing my cousin, Doug S., and crewmates a successful completion of this amazing voyage! And wishing that those who haven't yet donated to the cancer fund.... will.
A little blessing to send you on your way:
The Sailor's Psalm
"The Lord is my pilot, I shall not go adrift; He lighteth my passage across dark channels; He steereth me through the deep waters, He keepeth my log. He guideth me by the evening star for my safety's sake. Yea, though I sail mid the thunders and tempest of life, I shall fear no peril for Thou art with me. The vastness of thy sea upholds me. Surely fair winds and safe harbors shall be found all the days of my life; And I shall moor, fast, and secure, forever Amen.
Boca Raton, Florida

Raise the Main me hardies!
Friday Jan. 16th 2009
Doug S,
OK guys, enough of the good life and the cute little penguins. It's time to set sail and make for the land down under. Where women go and men plunder! Don't you hear, don't you hear the thunder! You better run you better take cover!
It's been a few days off from checking on you guys. It's also been a bit of a rest for all of us and we can uncross our fingers and shake them out a bit. On the other side of the coin we are in a severe deep freeze here and I couldn't turn my car on this morning. It was rejecting my key. I took the barbecue lighter out and heated the tip of it. I tried again and to my amazement it the car started. I went out and bought snow tires and rims because my daughter is driving my car now and she doesn't have Air Canada ramp experience. It's only the middle of January and by the time you get to OZ we will be looking at the worst part of winter in our rear view mirror.
The folks you met from England on the "Spirit of Mystery" has truly made for a terrific new twist and added adventure for us following along. I have now two daily logs to read. I really like that there is a young boy along with them. Think of how this will prepare him for life? The "Spirit of Mystery" is quite the boat as well. I read her log today and they mentioned the FGT as a welcome comfort joining them on the final leg.
So me hardies, you landlubbers raise the main and pull in the Gyb. Ohh before you leave "out of Africa" don't forget to buy toilet paper!

Greetngs To SV Falcon GT
Friday Jan. 16th 2009
Love to meet up with you and crew, anytime, anywhere.
Hope you get everythng settled in Cape Town,
and good luck on the next leg.
Sherri and I are presently in the Bahamas, on board
the Celebrity sv Century, cruisng.
IT is pretty amazing these days, what you can do with
a laptop.
All the best to you, Brendan, all your crew and family.
Have a great trip to Australia.
Larry and Sherri

To Stuart and fellow crew members
Friday Jan. 16th 2009
We are enjoying your daily blogs. Thankfully the weather gods cooperated and you arrived safely in South Africa. We were fascinated with the tale of "Just Nuisance". He was quite the character in Simon's Town. The penguins look adorable.
Have a safe 2nd leg on your adventure. All is well here but we are blanketed by a thick fog for the 2nd day. We are still picking carrots and leeks from the garden despite the fact they were covered in deep snow. In Victoria, the daffodils are up already and the Trumpeter swans seem restless to move on to colder climate.
Enjoy your last few walks on terrra firma- Bon Voyage mes amis!
Cheers and best wishes.
Mom and Heather.

Head West Young Men
Friday Jan. 16th 2009
Rub a dub dub
5 guys in an awuminum tub
And who do you think they be?
To be honest I really don’t know for the most part
Well, leg 2 on the horizon
Looking good I hope
Why weren’t there any females on the beach? (besides female penguins maybe)
Hope the rudder does not steer you wrong
Be safe and hopefully 2nd is as good as the 1st (or as good as it seemed)
May many fish nibble your lure
Be safe
Northshore Boatworks

Fair Winds
Thursday Jan. 15th 2009
It was a pleasure meeting up with you and sincerely hope for a safe trip with fair winds for you and Falcongt.
Great web site will follow with interest.
Take care and bestus luck.
Dan & Breezy

Wednesday Jan. 14th 2009
Hello to all. Sorry to be a bit late with this. CONGRATULATIONS to all.
This is an incredible achievement. One more leg to go.
We were with you all in spirit as you approached land. We felt the excitement as if we were with you. What an incredible sense of pride and achievement you must all be feeling.
Well done, gentlemen.
Good luck to all of you on the next leg and enjoy terra firma while you can.
Marg & Mike H

Tuesday Jan. 13th 2009
Congratulations on an awesome travel so far. Loving the pictures and blog...
Looking forward to reading more as you continue on to Australia..
Take care....
Kathy Saffary

Tuesday Jan. 13th 2009
I remember very clearly the gleam in your eye and firmness in your voice when we would discuss this type of adventure in my office. I also had no doubts that you would "make it happen".
Now that we have access to hi-speed here in the near north, I have started tracking you and your crew on your excellent web site.
Fair winds and Godspeed for the rest of your journey.
Terry Wilson

Tuesday Jan. 13th 2009
Truly an amazing acheivement,
good luck during the rest of your journey all the best!!
Gerry Marchese

Well u did it
Monday Jan. 12th 2009
Captain John and the crew of the Falcon:
Well you did it! I so envy you to follow your dreams.
From the Trades at Ford, and especially the Carpenter Shop we wish you great success and hope you have fair skies and keep the wind at your back!
Rick, Billy and Keith
p.s. those blogs are addictive

Greetings from YYZ De-Ice
Sunday Jan. 11th 2009
Hi Doug (S) and your Crew!
I was sitting here in the bubble with Doug Drennan and Carl Cepuran and
we're catching up on what you're doing with your voyage. Looks like it
really is the voyage of a lifetime.
Hope that everything goes well, and that you have smooth sailing into
Tomorrow we're going to Mr. Jerk for dinner in your honor!!! lol....
Belated Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
Keep well.....
Larry, Doug, and Carl
(Editor: Mr Jerk is a favourite restaurant of Doug's, selling Jamaican jerk chicken)

Dave Sandrin
Sunday Jan. 11th 2009
Hi Doug (S):
Congratulation on reaching the first leg of your journey. I bet it feels great to walk on solid land again.
You picked a good winter to be gone. The snow is outrageous.
Kimberly wishes you her best and to pass on that she misses you.oxoxo, of course hugs and kisses went with that.
Good luck on the second half of your journey, I am thinking of you, and check the blog daily.
Not to worry about mom all is well with her.
I'm looking forward to seeing you, so we can talk about your trip.
The website IS wonderful, Audrey has done an excellent job.
Take Care,
Lots of Love,
Dave, Nadine and Kimberly.

WOW What a great website!!!
Sunday Jan. 11th 2009
Haven't been able to look at the web site in about 2 months, but have been following the action closely.
I've been surfing for about an hour and have learned so much.
What a great bunch of links.
Too bad there are not more pics and movies of the trip though ;-)
Busy with the boat cleaning this morning after breakfast.
And now I've got to go and help carry food to the kitchen.
Spent too much time looking at the website to upload or write a blog, sorry.
Doug S.
(Editor: Surprise message from Doug S. from internet cafe at Simon's Town )

Saturday Jan. 10th 2009
Hi Doug G, John and the crew, congratulations on your arrival in SA.
What an adventure! All the Bonville Bashers send their best wishes.
The top of Table Mountain is well worth the trip if you can make it.
Have a great R&R.
All our love and see you soon in Melbourne,
love Munie, Mark, Vaughan and Tim.

Well Done!
Saturday Jan. 10th 2009
Hi Doug (S) and Crew,
Congratulations on the successful completion of the first leg of your journey.
I should also say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
Christine and I have really enjoyed keeping up with your progress. We both check the blog a few times each day.
Beats any reality show I've ever watched on t.v..
Sounds like a friendly place, Simon's Town. I worked with a guy from South Africa years ago and I remember him telling me about Table Mountain. Sometimes a stratus layer will form on top of the mountain and spill over the sides giving the appearance of a table cloth and the locals say that the table is set.
Audrey is doing a great job with the blog site.
Wondering how wierd it was to walk on solid ground after two months at sea.
On the next leg do you expect to have southerly winds?
Carolina Panthers are about to play Arizona so I'll close for now.
Enjoy your shore leave sailor!

Saturday Jan. 10th 2009
Our first donation was made at the very beginning of the adventure. Now at halfway to the triumphant goal,we have decided to make a second donation. All in memory of the many close family members and good friends (sadly too many to name)that we have lost to Cancer over the years.
From a couple of Old Tars.

Coffs Harbour Australia
Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Absolutely thrilled that you have arrived in SA well and safe...if that nice man had seen you lot in the daytime he may well have sent you back out !!!have fun restocking, playing tourist and just enjoying your memories of the first leg...well done and safe onwards journey to all...look forward to seeing you arrive safely in Australia..John loved the phone call Douggie ! sorry you missed Viv at home...we had a nice walk tho...very excited to talk about your arrival along the way. Don't forget to stock suitable HH products for Aussie Day !!!!!
Johnno & Shaz
Coffs Harbour Australia

Wow, coca cola again!!!
Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Hi Doug (S) and the rest of the long bearded crew!
Congrats on your trip so far.!!
Still enjoy reading all your stories everyday. Great work guys! I have never heard of anyone who can keep such a captive audience with different tales to bring us every day (and so interesting) Geez, you guys eat better than we do!
Enjoy your walking legs and rest up for the rest of your journey.
Hey Doug? Maybe they sell razors there! (right next to the cases of coke! Doesn't matter...Audrey tells me she likes Border Terriers too!
Always in my prayers...Enjoy and keep taking pictures!!
Love Lyn Garbett and Family

Fantastic intrepid sailors
Friday Jan. 9th 2009
FANTASTIC INTREPID SAILORS - congratulations to each and every one of you - we are sooooooooooo thrilled :):):)
It must be the best feeling to walk on land again - AND - to eat different, yummy, fresh, fresh, fresh food again - what a treat :)
Have installed a world map on the kitchen wall to help us with plotting - constantly amazed - you should see the smile on our mother's face - lovely to see :)
We thonk o you every single day and send a whole skyfull of sprinkles of love - Anne, Ian, Jenny, Tordy - coming along nicely(Al and John are at Anglesea as the weather is great)

Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Congratulations!! What an accomplishment!
Land must feel pretty good after being on a boat for so long.
We've loved watching you guys on the first leg of your journey.
Just amazing!
Talk to you soon,
Caroline and Steve

Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Congratulations, John and crew on a safe and exciting journey. I can only imagine what it must be like.
Judy and I are checking out your web page for the first time and are enjoying reading about your adventures. Glad to see you haven’t totally forgotten about Ford but you are not missing anything! We will continue to read about your trip and look forward to further posts.
Judy and Doug Hare

Happy Sailing & Happy New Year
Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Hello John & Shipmates.
From our snow bound home in the Land of Lakes north of Kingston where we have lived since retiring from Ford in 2001, I have been following your epic journey and I'm green with envy. Seems there's lots more exciting things to do than shovel snow to keep fit seven days a week.
God Speed and good luck mate. When you get to Aussie land what then? Drink some of that Black Swan or Victoria Bitter that I remember from my two years with the RAAF, Then will you turn around and sail back to Canada making it a circumnavigation?
Best Regards to You All.
Peter Clark.

Friday Jan. 9th 2009
Congratulations on reaching the Cape!
Amazing adventure and story to tell.
Wayne M. Renwick

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
Congratulations Doug, John and Crew on your safe arrival at Cape Town.
What a great achievement, you all should be very proud of yourselves.
Stepping foot back on dry land must have been a good feeling.
Enjoy your R and R in Cape Town and we look forward to the next leg of your adventure.
Safe sailing.
Fondest Wishes
Noel and Judy

The Hamilton Family
Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
Sailors and some Gentlemen,
Congratulations on this incredible achievement. We have been waiting for this day for a long time and we are so happy that you made it, you are still in good spirits and you are safely on land!
Really looking forward to talking to you from a real phone! Make the best of your time in South Africa.
Remember you're on vacation .... the responsibilities will start as soon as you land in Toronto..... don't say I didn't warn you.
Wishing you all the best and don't party too much.
Lots of Lov.
Elena, Georgia, Calvin, Josh, Bella, Balloo

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
All secure fore and aft. Da..ed fine job guys – now for a well earned break.
Enjoy your achievement - not too long mind you, otherwise you’ll lose the sea legs. Keep an eye on the shore leave notice board!!!
Give my regards to Van de Merve!!!

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
To all aboard, way to go on reaching dry land!
It was weird to see a picture of you guys with something behind you other than blue sea or sky.
Congratulations again!
J.J., Tanya and Ethan

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
Congratulations on your safe journey and arrival!
Way to go guys!!!!!
Enjoy your time ashore.
Grace Campbell

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
Hi, John and crew
Congratulations on completion of the first part of what is a most excellent adventure.
I/we are back to the DR at the end of the month, no more snow shovelling. You have a growing fan base at the power plant," donde Falcon" has replaced the more usual morning greeting. The photos of the fish draw more appreciation than a good days run.
Yes, see you in Oakville, Stock up on the beer and Wilber Smith
Enjoy the next leg, keep safe.
Mike and Hjordis

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
congrats on your arrival in SA
Hope all is well
Make sure you have a bry and plenty of SA vino
Wishing you all the best
Milo and family

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
What else can I say? Your trip is fantastic. Thank you so much for having such a current and up to date website. I check it every morning. I am so happy to always hear everything is going along safely.
Dave Gunn

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
Doug G and the crew
Congrats on your safe and timely arrival.
From the photo you seem to be growing more hair from your chin than on top.
And 2 tone as well.
Enjoy your stop over and best wishes on the next leg.
Ian and Sue H

Thursday Jan. 8th 2009
What a momentous day!!!! I can't use enough exclamation points to stress the excitement here at home as we read about your successful arrival in South Africa.
I hope you appreciate the breadth of interest in this journey and the enthusiasm and interest that surrounds it around the world from not only friends and family, but people you have never met.
Enjoy this well earned break.
Fred Hussey and Family

Congratulations Doug and Crew
Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Doug, greetings from Coffs Harbour.
Congratulations to you and your fellow crew members on reaching Simon’s Town.
A great effort from all and trust you will have many celebratory drinks while in port to see you through the next leg.
Peter & Pauline Kent

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Great job!!! sez it all!!
Bob and Judy, Port Dover 8-)

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Hi Doug G and the rest of the crew,
Congratulations on reaching Cape Town, a hugely impressive effort!
Our best wishes and thoughts are with you for the Melbourne leg.
If you feel the need to be bored for half an hour or so just ask one of the locals about the cricket.

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
What a feeling of pride we have in our home tonight.
Cape town is your first badge of honour wear it well.
Pam / Tim

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Well done-we're really proud of you guys - the team made it -damn nearly on time too. I'm sure you have all checked in with your families & (mermaids) they should be damn proud of you..On your next leg remove some ballast & add beer so you don't go looking for local Indian ocean service..
best regards I've got to work for a few days will be touch next week enjoy.
Orange Krait is sending you all a gold medal well done.
Paul Keeley & mob.

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Congratulations to Doug S. and the rest of the crew on reaching your half way mark!! You must all feel very happy to be on land for a while before you set sail again! Enjoy and make sure you stock up on food and drink so you don't run out before you reach Australia!!
Shirley & Vic

Congratulations from "The Usual Suspect"
Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Amazing! And without beer for the last few days. . . . (But we of the suspect know how you felt albeit we were only travelling a fraction of the distance you did)
Enjoy your rest and we look forward to following the next sector.
Good luck
on behalf of
Bryan and Alan

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
congrats stui
wow what a journey. nika wants to know how long was the drive to south africa?
hey on the map you guys are really close to the stellenbosch wine region, can you pick us up a case?

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Hi Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
Congratulations!!!! My family and I are very happy for you. This is a great accomplishment. I hope you will find good beer and food on shore and be able to get some rest.
Take care!

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Congratulations - as Queen Celine says; "When you are half way there, there's only half way to go"!
Enjoy Kapstaadt - and stock up on SA vino. Glad you are still all talking and still friendly.

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
To the crew:
Amazing accomplishment... love reading your blog daily... enjoy
yourselves and rest up:) I feel exhausted just reading about
your adventure... a terrific accomplishment!!!
Grant and Jan

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Great Job Lads. Congratulations on making it to the half way mark.
Hope you don't feel too wobbly when you step ashore.
Enjoy your days in Simons Town.
Pauline & John.

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
CONGRATS on reaching your half-way point, guys! Enjoy LOTS of beer (but no wenches, maties!) as it's well deserved.
It's been an amazing journey to watch so far, and the best is yet to come, as well as the fiercest sailing, from what I understand. God speed!!
To celebrate your arrival in Simons Town, it's time for US to get the cancer fund figures up since THEY are not half-way yet! COME ON, FOLKS - GET THOSE CREDIT CARDS OUT!! Let's show our support and CHEERS for the FGT team!
~Lisa Egan

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
Congratulations on making it to Cape Town - you should have a good time, South Africans are very hospitable, in my experience anyway.
I checked your progress every day with great interest, all the best for the rest of the voyage.
Neil Harrison, Oakville

Wednesday Jan. 7th 2009
S/V Falcon GT (Captain John and crew),
Congratulations for arriving to Simon's Town, South Africa, in time for Christmas as planned (almost), although you have to switch to the Julian calendar from the Gregorian. Julian Christmas is on January 7th.
We opened a bottle of fine champagne to celebrate the accomplishment of the first part of your remarkable journey.
Enjoy your Ukrainian Christmas with Castle lager.
-George Macenko

From Our Mum
Tuesday Jan. 6th 2009
Hello John, Doug and the happy sailors
Very pleased with the progress you've made - bewildered by it all but very thrilled with your efforts - very proud of the way you've lived together amicably and caught fish, the way you've handled the boat and the way the boat has behaved - very proud indeed - we are here at Destination Headquarters waiting enthusiastically to see you all when you arrive :)
Keep looking after each other and sail safely -thinking of you all a lot
-all my love -
mum Fayfee xxxxxxxxxx

Bon Voyage
Tuesday Jan. 6th 2009
Jules, Doug & fellow sailors,
Great to hear the news that you are underway.
Log in every day and am really enjoying the daily diary that you are posting.
Also helping tremendously with updating my geographical knowledge.
Best wishes and safe sailing as you head off on a really tremendous adventure.
Chips & 41

Joe & Dee
Tuesday Jan. 6th 2009
Hi Jules
Happy New Year to you Doug and your FGT chums.
Cape Town tomorrow eh? Amazing - I never really thought you would actually take this adventure on - but knowing your tenacity I should never have doubted it.
Don't celebrate too hard and keep away from girlie bars where your wallet might get massaged.
Best of luck with phase 2 to Fremantle - presumably one long spinnaker run with the westerlies pushing you along.
See you soon.
Joe & Dee

Tuesday Jan. 6th 2009
Just wanting to wish Stuart a Happy Belated B'day and a Happy New Year to the crew!!
Take Care,
Sandra Gaudette

Ian & Sue Hogbin
Sunday Jan. 4th 2009
Doug G,
God speed to Cape Town.
Make sure there are no deserters in Port - else you will have to take on some replacement crew. On second thoughts, check out the calibre of the replacement crew first. They may be good on the eyesight - if nothing else.
Best Wishes
Ian & Sue Hogbin

Happy New Year
Saturday Jan. 3rd 2009
Dear John, (always wondered how it felt to write a dear John letter)
Wow...I finally got on to check out your grand adventure and I gotta tell
you John, I'm getting a little green ...and it's not sea sickness.
Well, even clouded by my envy I'm still clear enough to see that this is a wildly
successful journey.
I'm so proud of you, your family and crew for making this all happen...who'd have thunk it all those years back when Felice and I were rail meat...Our hats are off to you, we'll be following from now until the journey's completion and we will definitely be making a contribution.
Well, I gotta run to open the store.
Love, Gail, Felice and Julian xoxoxxo

Reg Hodgson
Friday. Jan 2nd 2009
hello again john and crewmates
just a comment about not hitting CT-SA for gregorian xmas.
it appears you might hit SA on the 7th. of Jan. which will be the JULIAN XMAS day.
I know george m. will be tickled that you hit that day.
again merry xmas from oakville.
i hope the tuna tasted good fried or sushi.
good day mates reg hodgson & george m.

Glen & Christiane
Thursday. Jan 1st 2009
Hi Stuart,
Happy late Birthday! Just a quick note to say that our first dinner of 2009 was spent with your lovely family. But our first toast went to you and your sailing buddies.
Safe sailing!
Christiane and family
PS: Elena says she misses you a lot ... She mentioned this after I was bossing Glen around, so not quite sure what she is missing...

Happy New Year
Thursday. Jan 1st 2009
Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year and to let you know that we are keeping you all in our prayers.
It's been great reading about your trip.
Thanks for keeping us up to date.
Be safe!
Jim & Cherie Mayor

Happy New Year
Thursday. Jan 1st 2009
Dear Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
Happy New Year to all of you! May you have a healthy and happy 2009!
I am glad you are getting closer to Cape Town. The fact that you run out of necessities for HH is very troublesome. So I hope you can quickly get there and replenish the supplies.
Take care!

Our Wish For You
Thursday. Jan 1st 2009
Hi Doug. (S).
As we welcome yet another New Year, we hope that it will be one filled with love and laughter for family and friends.
Here's our wish for you:
We wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.
We wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.
We wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.
We wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.
We wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
We wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
We wish you enough hellos to get you through the good-byes.
and we wish you enough wind to get to Cape Town!
Happy New Year!
Lee and Lu-Ann

Happy New Year!
Thursday. Jan 1st 2009
Happy New Year to the crew of Falcon GT
Hope you are havng the time of your lives
It is a great pleasure to read your daily logs
Wish we were with you, each day
Larry & Sherri
and the crew of Rock & Roll

Happy New Year!
Wednesday. Dec. 31st 2008
Hi Doug S.
I'm sending a belated Happy Birthday wish to you.
And a very very Happy New Year wish to you and all your mates.
I can't wait to see you in 2009.
May you have a safe trip to Melbourne.
Love, Mum.

Happy New Year to Brendan & the crew of SV/Falcon GT
Wednesday. Dec. 31st 2008
Hi Brendan,
Wishing you and the crew of Falcon GT, a Happy New Year and Safe Sailing– I
It appears that your boat is almost touching West coast of South Africa !!!.
Keep on taking those beautiful pictures and hope to hear soon from you !!
Regards from frezzing colleagues at I&A - Toronto
N.D.(Andy), David, Imran, Ruth, Sheila and Faisel

The happiest of New Years - 2009 - yeh - the year to reach destination headquarters !!
Wednesday. Dec. 31st 2008
Happy, happy New Year to our Intrepid Sailors - 2009 - yeh :):):) We are here at Destination Headquarters sending you messages of good cheer - firstly, our Fayfee who sends a "look after yourselves and each other" - is there any better message!, John (2 years) who sends "hot spaghetti, hot spaghetti" - his passion at the moment!, Al who says "hope the telltales are horizontal" ???, Tords of the wicked haircut who says "keep bobbing along", Ian who is in the kitchen reciting "t'was on the good ship Venus......." hmmmm, Auntie Dorothy who says "lots and lots of love, and looking forward to seeing you mid Feb", Jenny, James, Manda, Rich, Will and Tommy who send "Ahoy me hearties" from Lorne and Grannie who is planning the "Feast at the Finish" and says "Hurry up - we can't wait to see you but I'll only be going on the SV if it is tied securely to the pier - oh dear!"
Of course, we ALL send our warmest best wishes for the new year and many, many sprinkles of love and squeeziest hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Wednesday. Dec. 31st 2008
Doug S,
Your welcome for the donation. My favorite Uncle had a brain tumor last fall and had radiation treatment and is now doing the chemo. I pray for his recovery daily. I am also thinking that a good hard cover novel is worth about as much and I have enjoyed keeping up with your daily logs. It is about my reading speed. I hope you get a chance to level out and get your land legs in Cape Town.
Here is a song that just came to my mind I don't know why. Maybe I can let it stick in yours for a while to pass the time till you get there.
The Capetown ladies sing this song,
Doo-da, Doo-da
The Capetown racetrack's five miles long
Oh, de doo-da day
Goin' to run all night
Goin' to run all day
I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag
Somebody bet on the gray

Happy New Year!
Tuesday. Dec. 30th 2008
Hello Douglas G and all on board the S/V Falcon GT
We spent a quiet Christmas with our children/grandchildren in Coffs, Santa found us all so everyone was happy.
Enjoy reading your log each day, bit concerned about the shortage of beer though. We wish you and all the crew a very Happy New Year and look forward to catching up when you get back to Australia.
Fondest Wishes
Noel and Judy

Birthday greetings for Stuart!
Tuesday. Dec. 30th 2008
I can't think of a better way to celebrate your 25th birthday than this!!!!
It's great fun reading the blog, and you sure seem to be enjoying this once in a lifetime adventure.
Stay safe & don't worry, i'm keeping Milo in line for ya.
Kathy @ Maxxam

Happy Birthday
Tuesday. Dec. 30th 2008
Hey Hamilton! (what's this Stui stuff?!)
Another year older hey! Oh well. Just a short note to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have been following your progress almost daily. What an adventure.
Sure would be nice if the winds co-operated more. I thought this was the old clipper route? But, better this than storms.
All the best to all of you in the New Year and continued good luck.
Marg & Mike H.

Stui's Birthday (Dec. 30th)
Monday. Dec. 29th 2008
Hey Stewart
Wishing you a happy birthday
and a happy new year to you and the crew...
I think you should get more than your share of the 8 cans of beer... after all,,, it IS your birthday!! :)
Grant and Jan

Happy Birthday for Stuart
Sunday. Dec. 28th 2008
Hi Stuart,
We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday on the 30th. We check your blog daily & it's great to get the up-dates.
Continued good luck with your trip, to you & all on board.
Love & best wishes,
Uncle Bob & Aunt Gin.

Happy Birthday for Stuart for Dec. 30th
Sunday. Dec. 28th 2008
From Vancouver Island on the far west coast
To the Quarter Master we each raise a toast
And Happy Birthday wishes we send to you
While Falcon GT sails the ocean blue.
As you continue to sail towards the Cape
With your sea legs in greater and greater shape
Give thanks for the invention of the gimbal-
End your thanks with an exclamation symbol!
Keep the sheets taut by grinding those big winches
Or release when needed by a few inches.
If the wind is howling furl all of your sails
And batten down the hatches throughout the gales.
Savour the sunrises - savour the sunsets-
Marvel at the stars and all your trip begets.
Stay healthy and have a safe, Happy Birthday-
Remembering STARBOARD has the right-of-way!
Best wishes,
Heather xo
P.S. Mom wishes you a great year ahead and all her best.
Mom xo

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday for Stuart
Sunday. Dec. 28th 2008
Merry Xmas and happy Birthday Batko. I know we are a couple of days early, but i don't know how fast you guys get your emails.
Looks like you are making great progress hopefully another 9 to 10 days and you will arrive at the cape for some much needed shore time.
Today we had a pretty wicked wind storm, we lost most of our shingles on the roof, here we go again.
Although B pointed out that our stove top is nice flat (for now) unlike what you had to do when you were cooking the Beef stroganoff.
That's pretty wild.
tsvet and family

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday (Doug S.)
Saturday. Dec. 27th 2008
By the colour of all those beards it looks like you could pick your own Santa.
I guess I shouldn't talk... you should see my beard.. I like to call it "Arctic blonde"
Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope your birthday was dry -- so to speak.
Pam too is a strong proponent of Cancer support-- this year will mark her sixth 60km walk for Breast Cancer. She applauds your efforts and wishes you and your crew the very best.
As I read the blogs I can see you have a world of support. My sister who lives in Jo'burg with her two daughters is also watching your journey. She wishes you safe passage as you round the "Horn". So... I guess at the end of the day the world is much smaller than we think.

Happy New Year
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
george and myself want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
who belongs to audrey? she is doing a great job re communications
if i understand how the system looks like you won't be in SA -CT until early weeks of JAN. 09. how long in SA?
regards and all the best to all reg hodgson and george m.

Merry Christmas for Crew
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Merry Christmas to you all! Glad to here Santa dropped in to visit. We had
Christmas lunch at Rainbow Valley Rd, with 15 family members.We had a HUGE
TURKEY and Pork, sorry to make you're mouths water!! We are all looking
forward to you returning to Melb in Feb. It was nice for us to have our two
daughters home for Christmas! Will be very sad to see Jacqui going back to
London, it's not the same. Oh well, I guess we're all getting old.
We hope you raise your amount of Money.
We all wish you good weather and no PIRATES!!!!!! Keep well and you're all
doing a FANTASTIC job.!!
Bye, Lots of love to you all, Marie, Gary, Jacqui and Tanya Carlile. xoxox

Have a great Xmas & Boxing day & keep sailing & fishing.
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Guys (there are no mermaids or woman on board? or are there?)
Very best to all of you will stay in touch every happyness & health (stay fit -army rules 100 full push ups a day-non stop).
Have fun.
Best regards from us three.
Barbara, Cameron, & Paul Keeley

Merry Christmas from the Hickey family.
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
I have been reading your blog every day and have to agree you are the lucky ones. Doug Sandrin said you are not have as much luck fish the south Atlantic, try sharpening the hook every time you bring it in. Oh and be sure to get the hockey puck sized piece of meat on the gill cover before you throw head over the side it's the best part of the fish.
All the best from your fans at Ford and in Oakville

Happy Birthday Doug S.
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Happy Birthday Doug!! Your picture looks pretty good! You are obviously having better weather than we are??! Had a great day yesterday, thanks for all your gifts too (not sure if you know what Audrey got us??!) Glad you liked your presents too!! Enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to hearing from you once you reach your first destination!
Love Shirley & Vic

Happy Birthday Doug S.
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Hey man H-Bday. I'll keep it short I got a question 4 u
30ft waves & 55 knot winds or 80kmh winds & minus 35 wind chills.
Whats better?
Ps any 30ft wave pictures?

Happy Birthday
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Happy Birthday Uncle Doug! Hope you are having a great day:)
Christmas wasn't the same without you this year, thankfully we have Madelyn to keep us distracted! You got her (and us) some very nice gifts by the way, thank you very much!
Enjoy your birthday, it is snowing here today so be thankful for all that blue sea around you:)
Love you and miss you!!
Matt, Stacey and Madelyn

Happy Birthday
Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Happy Birthday Dougie…
this will be birthday you will never forget!
Barb & Jim

Friday. Dec. 26th 2008
Hi From Sydney Oztralia. Enjoying your website and daily log.
Boxing Day today in Sydney. All eyes on the Sydney to Hobart yacht Race.
Fantastic weather for them this year. Winds ideal.
Canada a bit snowy at present. Reckon its a bit warmer where you are.
In my younger days, I spent a lot of time in Canada. Mainly Toronto. Even
learned to use a snow blower. Had to, to get across the sidewalk.
Good luck for the rest of the trip. You'll enjoy melbourne.
Must see Sydney harbour though sometime.
Bruce Meyers

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Hi Doug (S) and Crew,
Just wanted to let you know that my family and I drank 5 bottles of wine today (One for each of!!)
Love reading your daily logs and I was very touched that you took the time to send me an email.
Glad to hear that Santa found you.
Take care and enjoy!!
Hugs Lyn and Family

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Merry Christmas Doug (S)!
I'm sure you and the crew are being inundated today with good wishes but we wanted to add ours.
Hope you're enjoying good sailing weather and hoping that Santa was able to find you out at sea.
Also wanted to send along our wishes for a very happy birthday tomorrow.
Keeping you in our thoughts.
Lee and Lu-Ann

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Merry Christmas John and Falcon GTers. We are following your adventures with great delight as we shovel through the various snow storms and slide along the ice filled streets. Have been seeing lots of Jeannette, Daniel and Thomas (our youngest darling was at your house last night John until 4am- when they were little they would wake us up at 4 to get up and open gifts, now they wake us up when they are coming home to go to bed. Must be the bad influence of other peoples children). Looking forward to the usual New Years now at our new house and plan to listen to Rufus Wainright in your honour - I promised Jeannette. Will raise a few glasses in your honour as well.
Hope your adventure continues to be exciting (but safe). All our best.
Karen and Tom

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Christmas wishes for the 5 men on the high seas and all the best to you and your families for the New Year!
Grace, Rick, Michelle & Emily

Merry Christmas to Stuart and the crew
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Hi Stuart,
We have been following your trip and it is really exciting!
Here, we are enjoying the snow and have skied twice already. As you probably know, we did take Calvin a few weeks back for our first day.
Watch out! He wants to ditch his skis and cross over the dark side.... boarding...
Elena is really coping well with all the family demands. It was nice for Calvin and Patrick to be in Volley ball together so I could see her almost each Sunday. I look forward to seeing them all on the first when I pick them up from the airport.
I am sure you are busy making some bread, fishing, or putting on a new sail so have fun !
Christiane and family.
PS: Elena said there is more room now in the house... You may have to sleep in the garage when you come back.. until you move into your new house.

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
HI Doug (S)
Merry Christmas from the McEwans
Safe Voyage and good winds to you all.

Christmas Greetings
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Murphy's Law. Computer crash and "unfixable" before heading north. Aaaaagh.
Hence apologies for tardiness in sending you all very best wishes for a
Merry Christmas out in the oggin, now we have reached our destination.
Glad to see the blue-footed boobies are still keeping you company (or are they
REALLY albatross!!!).
We've just finished the figgy pudding and are now about to raise a glass to you guys.
Again, Merry Christmas and smooth eastings.
Three-badge and the other stoker.

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
To John and All the Crew
I would just like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas fom all the guys at Ford we are following you daily and wish you all the very best.
John L.

Merry Christmas
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Hi Brendan,
A very Merry Christmas to you and all aboard the FalconGT. Also, our very best for the coming year.
I've been following your voyage almost daily. What a fantastic experience. It will be great to hear from you again.
I wish you a safe passage. Remember that when you hit the dock in Cape Town (not literally) your sea legs will turn you into a pickled walker on dry land.
All is well here and we are thinking of you.
Be well.
Rick de Jong

Greetings from Moni and Family
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Merry Christmas to John and the crew
We hope that you are enjoying your first Christmas at sea. We had a great time last night going back and forth between the houses. Dinner at 67 then presents at 72. Today we will be eating turkey back at 67 again. We have had lots of snow and you have not been here to help me dig out the driveway. You'll have to do double duty next year. Let the winds take you on the right course. Katja: Season's Greetings, Anika:With lots of Love
Omi: Safe trip, Sparky: bark, bark and finally Moni - Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas Brendan
Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Merry Christmas Brendan,
You are missed this Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas weekend with your Mom and Dad, turkey dinner and all the fixings.
We have had enough snow for the whole winter! We love reading your logs every day and are very proud of all that you have accomplished so far.
All the kids send you their love as do George and I.
Your parents are doing very well. They are both looking happy and healthy.
Talked to your Mom today and she sounds great and they will be with Karin tomorrow, Christmas day.
All our love,
Mary, George, Ryan, Erica and Jessie

Thursday. Dec. 25th 2008
Merry Christmas, Falcon crew! Ah, what you'd do for a little ho ho ho by now, eh? Sorry. That's a little salty sailor humor. Here's hoping you don't wake up to a load of coal from the jolly old elf for leaving your good wives to shovel all that snow back in Canada! Strange to experience a HOT Christmas day, isn't it? Welcome to my world. We've been getting a light smattering of liquid snow in south Florida. VERY exciting to see you pointing right at Cape Town! Sail away!
~Lisa Egan

Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
To the Ancient Mariner ( Jules) and his bunch of " hairless Krishners " aboard the Mighty FGT smashing the south Atlantic.
We are very impressed with your sailing form with Capetown a mere week or so away.
As we sit down to our Christmas Turkey shortly we will drink a toast to you all on such a magnificent achievement thus far. You all deserve an extra tin of sardines to celebrate.
Keep rolling along - safe journey
Cheers JR & Dee

Merry Christmas from Carl
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Doug S. and the Boys
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.
Your daily logs are being enjoyed.
Don't get sun burned.

Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008

Santa Delivery
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
John and crew,
I have read about all the hi-tech equipment you have on board, but wonder if you make a mistake. No mention to date of a fireplace and associated chimney so Santa can drop in and fill your stockings.
Best regards from Canada —truly the great white north this year.
Derek Power et al.

Merry Christmas
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hope you have great winds for christmas day sailing,
Love reading your logs, hope you put together a book when your done the trip.
Joe Kordyjaka.

Merry Christmas from Dwight and Joanne
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi Falcon GT crew.....
We are just back from a wonderful week with all the kids in Dominican Republic. Arrived to yet more snow. Hope all of you have a safe and memorable Christmas on the Atlantic. Not sure how you are going to cook that turkey with the winds you are having.....
On second thought, you likely don't have a turkey at hand, maybe if you bring down an albatross or petrel.....
Merry Christmas
Dwight and Joanne

Greetings from the Chants
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Greeting from the Chants
Watch out for the red flashing light coming out of the northern sky tonight delivering to you well wishes for continued safe journey.
Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Merry Christmas DAD !!!!
ITs been snowing a lot here, a nice suprise, Anyways I hope you guys have a good christmas on the water
Love Daniel

Ahoy me harties from Martin & Di
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi there sailor boys,
loved the bare chests - nothing turns a girl on more than a bit of well chest !!!! - It's midnight on christmas eve and we have had the Norweigans for Christmas eve dinner - these strange salted lamb ribs with mashed swede - hey your canned Camp pie is lookin real good - and have you tried lookin for a swede in the middle of summer - hey you have a great christmas Doug - loved your christmas message - what an adventure !!!! we often have a look at your blog to see where you are and have been - Just look into that huge sky out there while on watch and keep an eye out for rudolph, blitzen and whoever I'm sure they are out there somewhere.
Happy christmas and safe sailing.
Love Di and Martin

Merry Christmas
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi John and crew,
We have been following your amazing journey at the office and you are the topic of many lunch time conversations!
Just wanted to wish you and the crew a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!
Looking forward to reading the next blog entry!
Marg. (Burlington/Oakville Units ONTARIO.CANCER.CA)
PS we think you have two books to write on return: the first of course would be the trip and the second a cook-book (we are envious of some of those sea-farin dinners!)

Christmas Greetings from destination headquarters
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hello intrepid sailors - Christmas Greetings from everyone at Beaver and lots and lots and lots and sprinkles of love from us too - we are thinking of you all the time - we're all having a fun time with quite a few in residence - lots of tinsel and much 'ho ho hoing'!!!
We all hope you have the most wonderful Christmas day -
Christmas hugs and kisses from Anne, Ian, Jenny, Tordy, Al, Johnny Bon Bon, Alex and Jordan and, of course, our mum who is really great and will be here for lunch tomorrow :) xxxxxxxxxx

Merry Christmas
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi Doug (S): It was so nice to hear from you. We think about you often and wonder what you are doing as the days and weeks go by.
Your Christmas card was great!! You all look fantastic!! You are certainly missing the horrible weather we are having lately. Lots of snow again today and its only the middle of Dec!!!
We are really looking forward to Christmas Day with Madelyn not that she will know what is going on just yet. Though she does look up to the ceiling when Stacey asks her where is the misteltoe!
We will certainly miss you this Christmas but hope you celebrate anyway.
Enjoy reading the blogs as they are very informative and humerous!
Keep in touch as we will too.
Take care of yourself and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the crew!!
Love Shirley & Vic

Season's Greetings
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi Stuart and fellow crew members:
We are enjoying your blog with all of your adventures. We have14 inches of snow on Vancouver Island so Lotus Land is very picturesque and more snow is on the way.
All of the 6 animals are very frisky in the cold weather and they kept us warm when the power was out a few nights ago. I'm home recuperating now and feeling stronger each day. My four-legged and two-legged nurse maids are spoiling me. Stay healthy and keep your safety harnesses on.
All the best and merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah.
Bye for now - Love, Mom and Heather.

Merry Christmas
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hi Doug S.and crew;
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jim and the boys from work, we are all watching your journey and wish you good sailing. Jim R.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday
Wednesday. Dec. 24th 2008
Hello Doug S and Crew,
It was great to receive your email.
Hopefully, Santa will grant your wishes of some good winds. Lisa reminded me that it was your birthday the day after, so cheers to you on your special day. We look forward to reading your adventures every day.
It won't be long now until you will be on the ground.
Safe and fast sailing to all of you.
Happy New Year too,
Christine, Dan and Daniel Powers

Merry Christmas from Tauberbischofsheim
Tuesday. Dec. 23rd 2008
Hi John and Crew!
It`s wonderful to see all the great pictures you made on your unbelievable trip to australia. In our mind we remember the first time we see your boat in April 2000. Now your big dream has become reality. We are all interested to see every week some new photos. The photo, when you all jumped in the sea is the favorite picture from our three boys.
We wish you all the best, lots of sunny and windy days and we think about you.
Merry, merry christmas and a happy new year.
Bernd, Sandra, Tom, Nick, Ben

Merry Christmas,Happy Birthday
Tuesday. Dec. 23rd 2008
Hi Guys
Just writing to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Since you don't have a smoke stack we don't know how Santa is going to deliver your gifts. So instead of watching out for flying fish, watch out for low flying Reindeer.
Happy Birthday to Doug S. for Boxing Day. We will toast you tomorrow, (Christmas Eve) whilst helping Audrey celebrate her birthday at Boston Pizza.
Wishing you favourable winds and a speedy arrival in Cape Town.
Love from,
Mum and Dad (In-Law).

Milo and Family
Tuesday. Dec. 23rd 2008
Stu and crew
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new Year.
Hope all is well
May the WIND GODS be good to you and a speedy trip to the CAPE.
All the best Milo and Family

Tuesday. Dec. 23rd 2008
Dear John and crew,
a merry christmas and a happy new year, with good winds, blowing you straight down to australia.
I`m often on your logbook with many interesting links. Behind the link "Hurling" and then "christmasmarkets" I found a map of southern germany. When I clicked to Tauberbischofsheim I found the castle place with the wooden cabin, where I sold christmas articles for many years for my school. May be, I`m inside at the moment the photo was taken.
Herzliche Grüße aus Tauberbischofsheim
Bernd und Ingrid

From the O'Kane Family
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Hi's it going cuz? Hope you're doing well and enjoying some nice warm weather - well, warmer than here anyway!
So, I'm looking forward to the novel you are going to write while out at sea. I hear you have great knack for the story telling according to Mama & Papa Schmidt anyway. Aud's also read me a few of your emails she received while we were out. The kids really enjoyed checking out your location or 'dot' on her i-phone and hearing some stories and seeing the pictures. Mind you, I gotta say that I'm with Aud on the shaving the heads thing...not your most flattering look! What's going to be next when you guys get bored?? I'm sure there will be a lot of stories that will go untold huh?
All the O'Kane's wanted to wish you an early Happy birthday (depending on when you actually receive this email!). It will certainly be one to remember for a lifetime. Hope you enjoy some cake at least on your day...I hear you have a great cook on board.
Have yourself an awesome (safe) journey and we are all looking forward to catching up with you on your return.
Love, Lisa, Steve, Shaun & Taylor xoxoxoxo
P.S. - Steve O wishes you a Merry Christmas..kinda hard to picture X-Mas in the middle of a sea of blue. I gotta say though that I would be willing to give it a try with all the snow this week. :)

Greetings from Austria
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Hello John and the others!
Congratulation,i'm fascinated on your trip, it's really great!
Sorry,i'm Berci from Austria, I'm the cousin from Jeanette and Moni. You know. We've never seen us bevor, but you know my brother Gerald.
So you've to go on such a great trip and we get some contact .
Jeanette wrote me your website-link,and so i can follow you and read about your adventure!
Dear John, i would be very glad,if you have some time on your boat to answer me. Be careful, some greetings to your friends,and,maybe we contact once.

John Riley
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Dear John.
Happy Christmas and a good sailing New Year for the SV-Falcongt - "and all who sail in her".

Hello sailors
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Hello, you five good sailors;
Just to wish you a great Christmas down there in the South Atlantic.
We follow you every mile of the way, and we envy your spirit. Keep up the good work of sailing, and before you know of it, you will be in Cape Town.
Best wishes,
from Mike & Hjordis

From Lee and Lu-Ann
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Ahoy there Doug.
Thanks for the email.
As we shovel yet again, we're becoming increasingly envious of your
life at sea. Blue skies, calm seas, tranquil days vs snow, grey
skies, more snow, and freezing temperatures. Yep. It's official - we
hate you. No not really, and we're thrilled you're getting the
opportunity to do what you've always dreamed of.
What's on the menu for Christmas day? Doesn't seem like you guys are
going hungry.
We're looking forward to having Audrey over tomorrow and hearing about
the stuff that doesn't get published on the blog.
We want to wish you and the crew a very merry Christmas, and continued
smooth sailing.
And to you Doug, a very happy birthday - this is one you'll truly
never forget.
Take care, and we'll be thinking of you.
Lu-Ann and Lee

Michele & Terry O'Halloran
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Hi Doug Gayford and the rest of the Crew
We are enjoying the blogs each day. Wondering what you are going to be eating on Christmas Day.
Those birds is looking pretty nervous. Are you sure they're not turkeys?
Glad to hear the breeze has kicked in and hope it will hold until Capetown.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Cheers from Downtown Coffs Harbour
Michele & Terry O'Halloran

Merry Christmas from Patsy
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
Hi Brendan and the crew on Falcon GT,
Merry Christmas to you all! You must feel so great to be under the hot sun on Christmas Day! We will be getting a lot of snow over the next few days in Toronto so we will have a White Christmas for sure. Have you set the menu for Christmas Dinner yet? Did you pack a turkey with you?
Have a great time!
Patsy and family

Medhat Salama
Monday. Dec. 22nd 2008
dear john and all of the bearded guys
just to wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year and safe journey
and the best winds in your backs to South Africa and Australia
PS we had a good 15 cm of snow today in Toronto and Oakville area ,need some to cool the tropic heat?
take care and wish the best
medhat salama from oap and fellow retiree of john gayford

From Snowy Rideau Ferry (Ottawa)
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Hi Guys,
I know that you want lots of wind but I don't mind how long it takes you as I am so enjoying your daily blogs. They really brighten my day.
Anyway George and I will be making an extra donation on your arrival in Australia
so everyone help these guys fulfill their other dream of $50,000 for the Cancer Society.
Enjoy your hot Christmas - we have just had two big snow storms with plenty of shovelling.
Dawn Field

Kelly and Laura
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Hi John
Kelly and I have been checking your blog daily. Wow! What a fabulous adventure!
A lot of folks at work read your blog all the time! We have noticed the menu has dropped down a notch or two recently, hopefully that’s by choice and not a lack of supplies. We just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and tell you how much fun we’re having following your trip.
All the best John!!
Kelly & Laura Flannigan

Barb and Jim
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Hi Doug
I am following along each day and Jim catches up every Saturday.
Have a great Christmas, you all look like Santa!
All the best to you and see you in 2009
Barb & Jim

Ford Retirees
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Just picked up your latest report and it looks as if the wind gods are cooperating, a sure thing that you will be celebrating New years in Cape Town.
Your progress is followed by many in the Association and latest reports are read at bi-monthly meetings.
The last thing at night is a check of your log.
A wonderful adventure, an inspiration to others who contemplate such dreams.
A Happy Christmas from the "Retirees".

Syl and Al. Forbes
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Doug S. and Buddies at Sea
Thanks for the email. Sounds like you are having a great time.
All of you have a Merry Christmas and A Safe and Happy New Year!!(In Cape Town?)
I am looking forward to my week of sailing in BVIs. It sounds like a very good boat.
Re: making it up to your lovely wife, might I suggest a cruise in Tahiti.(we can be available also).
Take care.
Syl and Al. Keno, Austin and Mr Kalvin.

Happy Christmas from Australia
Sunday. Dec. 21st 2008
Hi Doug G and boating family
Have been on the blog site, great job!! Hope those whales don’t come too close.
Good luck with you get that wind happening and have great fun around the Cape!
Happy Christmas to you all, great weather here in Tathra NSW Australia!!
Beth and Roger Hart

Shirley Taylor
Saturday. Dec. 20th 2008
Merry Christmas!
I look across the street and there aren't any lights on your blue spruce, so you better hop a flying fish and get home to fix that.
Loved your Christmas card, but Brendan, you better have lots of sun screen with you, because your scalp is pretty white (or was).
John, you can't change an old girl, so I didn't go on-line. I went to see Sandy MacDonald in person.
I have been following your trip and it is a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
Merry Christmas to your whole crew and safe landing

Greetings from Ireland
Friday. Dec. 19th 2008
Dear John and FGT crew,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sheelin, Dieter, Jasmin and Andrea
Rochestown Co Cork

Mike Balcain
Friday. Dec. 19th 2008
Hi John,
You missed Leon's annual Ford alumni Chinese Christmas banquet last night. Lot's of food, laughs and gossip. Reggie brought your bald eagle's picture and everyone had a laugh. Every year you would tell us about your dream of building a boat and sailing to Australia. I remember after the 2001 banquet we went to your boat warehouse and saw the skeleton frame sitting upside down. It doesn't seem so long ago now. You never lost focus of your dream. All of the guy's say hi. It's a lot of fun reading about your travels. It will be great to listen to the stories at the next banquet.
Merry Christmas
Mike Balcain

Friday. Dec. 19th 2008
Dear John and the crew,
Wishing you good weather and safe sailing and may this Holiday Season bring you good and happy times on the boat, Merry Christmas, all the very, very, very, very, very, very, very best in 2009 and a Happy New Year!
You guys are the BEST!

John Silveira
Thursday. Dec. 18th 2008
Hello John, Stuart, Brendan, Doug.S and Doug. G
I've been following your journey from day 1 when you guys left Bronte Harbour. My daughter printed out your blog posts from Day 1 till now. I saw the pictures you posted, especially impressed by the 15lb Mackerel fish you recently put up caught by Stuart. Wish I was there with you guys catching those fish. Maybe for the next boat build I can come and join, ha ha.
Well I hope you guys have a safe journey to Australia and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on the ocean. See you when you get back in the new year.
John Silveira

Thursday. Dec. 18th 2008
Two whale sighting/soundings sort of speak? You know they are a pretty large specimen and hard to miss. Sure you did not leave the engine running or some such thing or someone else’s blow hole in action? You did have chilli.
Hope you have a great Xmas. If you have no plans, you are welcome to come over for some Mahi Mahi scones, Flying fish pie and Whale Blubber fillets (Part of a traditional Eskimo fete)
Be well
Peter Northshore Boatworks.

Ivan Spring
Tuesday. Dec. 16th 2008
Hi John, I was passing your house recently and there was one of those charity vans picking up used clothing from your house.
Driving by, I could not tell whether your best Harry Rosen suits were among them or not.
Ivan Spring

Grant and Jan
Monday. Dec. 15th 2008
Just want to say hello to Stewart et al.
Enjoy reading your blog daily.
Wishing you good weather and safe sailing...I suspect you are looking
forward to Capetown and some even fresher apples :)
... Grant (and Jan)

Lyn Garbett
Friday. Dec. 12th 2008
Hi guys!
Great hair cut boys but three of you forgot to shave the faces!!
Guess that will be another days adventure.
Love reading the daily logs each day.
Lyn Garbett

Christine, Dan and Daniel
Wednesday. Dec. 10th 2008
Hello to Doug S and Crew,
Congrats on crossing the equator!! What a milestone in your adventure.
I loved the Christmas photo and all the baldness. Really like the beard on you Doug!!
I enjoyed the answers to all the questions as they were some that I had too.
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of all you guys and look forward to reading of your travels each day.
Where do you think you'll be for Christmas?
Be safe and here's to good winds,
Christine, Dan and Daniel

Mysteries of the Deep
Wednesday. Dec. 10t
Hi Doug S.
Love the Christmas card - seems like there's a lot of fruitcake(s) on board!
Forget trying to solve the mysteries of the deep - have you solved the mystery of Hotel Dusk yet?
Take care - we're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Lee & Lu-Ann

The "bald" eagles have landed!!!!
Wednesday. Dec. 10th 2008
Nice one guys! Great picture. Assuming I am interpreting your earlier messages correctly a new high “distance travelled” also means a new high “day’s run”. Good stuff. So I guess gravity IS working to help you southwards!! - or maybe, as J.J. comments, the drag coefficient is more favourable without the excess hair. (No, don’t go there!!). Mind you, the greater the speed the greater the tendency to squat – in the hydrodynamic sense of course!!! Just in case the scalps need some revitalization, next time you get a feathered hitch-hiker get it to leave a message or two. My grandmother always swore by goose fat, but when needs must……..!!! Keep on tracking.

Rob Micheli & Staff
Wednesday. Dec. 10th 2008
Oi Mates!
Greetings from snowy Oakville!
Best regards to Captain John Gayford (and crew) from his legal team.
(Just found your website.)
Rob Micheli & Staff

Chris Bieniecki
Wednesday. Dec. 10th 2008
John and crew…..I following Your amazing adventures-
-nice blogs and pictures- specially shaved heads on Christmas card.
Congratulations to everyone….
Wish You guys all the best, keep the dream alive.
Have great time and safe home.
Good luck,
Regards Chris Bienie

Monday. Dec. 8th 2008
Hi all
Just saw the photo of the shaved heads, less wind resistance from the hair means you should get to south africa ahead of schedule now.
Keep the great photos coming!!
And I sincerely hope that your hair does grow back, once you reach a certain age it seems to want to give up, lol.

Shirley & Vic
Sunday. Dec. 7th 2008
Congrats to everyone on reaching the equator.
Love the Christmas Card.
Not sure if we are going to recognize you Doug S. when you return?!!!
Shirley & Vic

The Egan Family
Saturday. Dec. 6th 2008
To all those who are following this fantastic voyage/ship of fools (your choice), let's not forget that the Falcon crew is braving the Big Sea for the "Big C."
As we sit in the comfort of our nice DRY houses, enjoying the crews daily endeavors as our entertainment, let's use this equator milestone as a chance to contribute to the Canadian Cancer Society.
It's very easy to do right here on the Falcon site.
You know someone who has been affected by cancer.
My husband was diagnosed last week with brain cancer - for the 2nd time. Thanks to contributions made to research, strides have been made since Mike had brain cancer in '96.
The crew hasn't begged for donations, so I am doing it for them.
Get out your credit card and help save a life today!
The Egan Family

Saturday. Dec. 6th 2008
Congrats, Trusty Shellbacks, upon entering the domain of His Royal Majesty, Neptunus Rex.
I hope this doesn't make you members of the Neptune Society... that's something else entirely, eh?
This is probably the ONLY time in your lives when you guys will be applauded for CROSSING THE LINE. When you get back home, remember that "crossing the line" won't be met with such enthusiasm.

Pauline & John
Friday. Dec. 5th 2008
Hi Doug S & all the Crew of FGT:
Congratulations on reaching the Southside of the Equator unscathed.
Keep up the good work.
We enjoy the Blogs and pictures every day and envy all of you.
It is very cold here right now but Dad is braving it to put the Christmas lights up outside. At least the sun is shining (sometimes).
Keep safe and well away from those Pirates and Sharks etc.
Love from
Mum & Dad (In Law)

Dave Gunn
Friday. Dec. 5th 2008
I just want to send my congratulations and admiration to all you on crossing the equator.
I am keeping up to date via your daily journal during my morning coffee. What a breath of fresh air relative to the present day news.
Thank you for the entertainment.
Dave Gunn
Al & Syl Forbes
Thursday. Dec. 4th 2008
To Doug S and Crew,
Way to go guys!!
I have been following and see that you made it to equator!!!
Did your traditional swim a few days before.
Made a contribution to cancer society and plan to make another when you
sight land in Australia.
Would love to be waiting on shore to see you arrive.
Keep up the good work and enjoy!!!!Safe smooth sailing.Mr grey beard.
Al and Syl Forbes

Jan & Vil
Thursday. Dec. 4th 2008
Hi Doug G and the rest of the crew,
Welcome to the southern hemisphere!
It’s reassuring to see that there aren’t any issues with crew decorum – it looks like perfectly normal Coffs Harbour behaviour to me – I understood it’s when Dugongs start looking like mermaids that you need to start worrying.
Things are starting to look fairly summery at this end, might even liberate the mal this weekend.
Keep going. We really appreciate the updates.
Jan & Vil

Tom Southon
Tuesday. Dec. 2nd 2008
Way too much fun .....
Looks like quite a few full moons in the forecast.
Wishing the crew well,
Tom Southon

Pauline and John
Tuesday. Dec. 2nd 2008
Hi Doug S
Thank your lucky stars your elderly in-laws have bad eye sight.
We thought you were all wearing white shorts until we just read the guest book!
Mum & Dad In-Law

Jan and Don Hamilton
Tuesday. Dec. 2nd 2008
Intrepid Mariners
Hi, John G and crew, fantastic to see your blogs, we are plotting your voyage on a National Geographic map of the World, using your Lat. & Long. as reference points. Glad to see everyone doing so well, Janet loved the "Nuddy" pictures, don't get
caught in the Seaweed!!!!
All the very best,
Jan. & Don. Hamilton.

Lyn G
Monday. Dec. 1st 2008
Hello vacationers!
Well thank you for the "Funny Flying Fish" picture!
At least we are able to see how your tans are coming along!!
Most of Ontario are shoveling out their white frozen butts from all the snow they have received.
Better watch that those fish aren't going after your bait...LOL
Lyn G

Shirley and Vic
Monday. Dec. 1st 2008
(Too much information)
Hey guys:
TMI - We really don't want to know what five guys are doing in the 'nuddy'!!!!! LOL!
(Well, okay...we do) ;-)
Shirley & Vic

Jim's Sailing story from Doug G's Nov. 28th blog
Friday. Nov 28th 2008
In relation to your description of the sailing and the
statement that I 'would love it' let me tell you of my own tropical cruise.
Took Taronga with Zoo on deck for a weekend jaunt from Jersey City to
Eastern Connecticut where she will be hauled for her annual 3 month spa
treatment. Left on Saturday the 22nd at 0600 in 20 F (that¹s 1/4 millimeter
centigrade) with 20 kts gusting to 30. The salt spray breaking over the bow
froze into slush on deck and the windward forward lifelines began growing
salt icicles. Saturday night the temperature went to 19F. Hard to climb
out of the sleeping bag.
My crew (Joan had begged off due to an antipathy to freezing her ass off)
and I were sporting our best gore tex and polar tech and wicking layers
and we were still bloody cold. Once the sails are up and drawing, there
isn¹t much to do in the way of moving around to keep the circulation going.
How did the square rigger sailors round the horn and sail the westerlies in
the Southern Ocean with their woolen underwear and canvas jackets?
On this weekend jaunt, we only moved around to experiment. Specifically,
we¹d experiment with various ways to make hot water out of the kettle
interesting. We found bourbon with brown sugar and lemon worked nicely and
even rum with lime worked nicely. They were both interesting. After a
while we forgot to go to the kettle for the hot water. Thus ended the
We got to our haul out maritime spa centre and Joan met us with the car to
drive back to NY on Sunday afternoon. Had a beer and pizza on the way
back the central heating at the pizza joint was nice. The beers were
nice, too.
Jim from New York

Grant and Jan
Thursday. Nov 27th 2008
Hey Stui
Hope you are well... wish you guys all the best... we watch and pray everyday for carefull...
Love Grant and Jan

Thursday. Nov 27th 2008
Hiya Doug S.
As I sat on the deck of this 990 foot, 81 ton vessel ,cruising at about 17.9 knots, trying to get a tan, I knew I was experiencing the same feeling as yourself.
We cruised down passed the Keys. The waiter was making sure the ice was topped up in our cocktail glasses and also making sure that the smoke salmon and cappers where at the right temperature too. As I sucked back a few raw oyster {with a splash of HP sauce , of course } I thought I could easily sail a boat around the world , how difficult could it be.
It started to get a little cool in my chair, I raised my hand and with a nod of my chin a freshly laundered towel, smelling like a fresh lemons, I might add ,,,was brought to my lounge chair and as it was placed over my feet I could feel the heat of the towel warming up my entire body. I thanked the attendant and before she left she insisted that she freshen up my pillows too. As I watched her walk away I could smell her sweet perfume, she could not be more than 21, I thought to myself.
Life's little pleasures.
As the day went on I grew a little restless and decided to walk over to the bow of the vessel, making sure not to spill my vichy water, after consuming a couple of single malts and a little champagne the splash of the ocean water might be refreshing on my face. As I was standing 12 stories above the water line the spray was nothing more that a mist. Too bad I thought to myself ,,, maybe it will reach me tomorrow.
I look out over the ocean thinking " I wish I was with those gentlemen. I know I am prepared! "
Ahhh ,,,,to sail the seven seas.
I must go now, Doug my ice is melting in my drink and I have an appointment at the spa.
We will talk soon

John Rowland
Thursday. Nov 27th 2008
Stay safe
Here at home, I am wishing for a good and snowy winter, as my main passion is skiing. I have sailed for over 20 years as a fair weather guy and I cannot express my admiration for you all to “ do your thing”.
Be kind to each other when trouble happens and it will, somewhere along the line. I was always a team guy growing up, in all sports and you fellows are pushing the envelope together.
I wish you well and safe home.

Wednesday. Nov 26th 2008
Hi Guys how are you all doing hope all is well.
Stui how come we never have screaming reels are we fishing in a wrong location or time of year. Is the water that we fish too COLD. LOL LOL
Could you guys please take more action pics of the fishing showing your style and skill along with lures?
I am also requesting that you post some recipes because your meals look and sound GOOD especially the battered fish.
Have a great time and play it safe. Like mom used to say use your sunscreen.
All the best Milo

Dan Powers
Wednesday. Nov 26th
Russian Warships
Hi Doug S. and crew,
In the news this morning a story about Russian warships visiting Venezuela, the first such visit to the Caribbean since the cold war.
Primary vessels were the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, hull number 650, the conventionally-powered anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Chabanenko, hull number 437 and other unspecified support ships.
More than likely one of the ships you saw earlier last week.

Lee and Lu-Ann
Wednesday. Nov 26th 2008
New look
Hey Doug - we love the beard - it's a whole new look for you!
Will Audrey let you keep it when you get back?
You and the crew take care and travel safe.
Lee & Lu-Ann

Wednesday. Nov 26th 2008
So, started off my day in the usual way - accessing your blog.
Sweetie says, and I quote “ I really don’t think you should be spending so much time reading about those guys and what they are doing, it’s not good for you!!!!!!”
I on the other hand am having a great time living my dream vicariously through your adventure.
Envy, one of the five great sins comes to mind.
Safe trip, and as Dean Martin used to say “ Keep those cards and letters coming”

Hello from the Canadian Cancer Society in Oakville Ontario
Wednesday. Nov 26th 2008
Sandy McDonald (Oakville Unit)
John and Crew,
Can't believe it is almost a month since the Falcon left.
We admire your courage for living out your dream. Your blog has brought much laughter to our office here in Oakville! Although we don't have HH, we do gather around the coffee pot to discuss your adventures. (particularly when you were washed off the loo!)
Thanks to you and the crew for your support.
Sandy and the "crew" in Oakville

Greetings from Coffs Harbour
Tuesday. Nov 25th 2008
Hey there guys and especially Doug G!
Now I never get any work done cos I'm too busy reading what you're up to!
What a fabulous journey.
Wish we could send you replacement cocktail glasses - what a disaster that was. Obviously not trained well enough at uni....
Really enjoying your humorous but oh so factual log notes.
Hel (from Bishop Druitt College), Tim (from Bonville Bashers Kayak Club)
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

Bob and Judy Bergquist
Tuesday. Nov 25th 2008
Crew....I am really enjoying your daily logs. Have been with you since day one. I look forward to them more than I do the Sun's Sunshine Girl! Gawd, I must be getting old. Anyway, may the wind be at your back or whatever a good nautical wish would be (it works for bicycles.) Btw...Three Badge Stoker is our neighbour here in Port Dover.
We are looking forward to the movie or at least an NGS spread on you.
Cheers, Bob and Judy Bergquist.

Monday. Nov 24th 2008
Sun Set or Sun Rise? No not the song...
Hey Sailors,
I'm afraid you're turning me into a stalker...I look forward and so enjoy checking your site every night. Great laughs, and of course interesting and informative weather information.
Great pictures as always. I have always been drawn to pictures of the sun on the horizon. While the pictures are labelled sunrise or sunset, question comes to do we know? Maybe at your next cocktail hour you could debate: Other than knowing which way the compass is pointed, how do you tell the difference between pictures of a sunrise and a sunset, if you are not the one taking the picture?
Hope the winds pick up,

Pauline and John
Sunday. Nov 23rd 2008
re:Nov.22nd photo's
Is this what they call the "Captain's Table?" That is some spoiled Skipper.
We notice you have the"Muffin Chef" tethered.
Can't blame you, we wouldn't mind tethering him to our kitchen,
for as long as he is willing to cook like that for us.
We are pleased to hear you finally found your shorts Doug.
Now will you find your foul weather pants?
Mum & Dad in law.

Hugh Smalling
Sunday. Nov 23rd 2008
Hats off to the crew.
I am addicted to your daily blogs and what an adventure.
Keep those logs and pictures coming as we feel we are a part of your trip.
Good job guys.
John G (old senior member) I would love to meet you and your crew in Port Royal, Jamaica and treat you all to a happy hour or two.
Hats off to the crew, keep the dream alive and safe waters.
Hugh Smalling.

Chat from the Cernys
Sunday. Nov 23rd 2008
Hi John,
You have now been longer at sea than we were on the leg from Galapagos to the Marquesas, 3000 nautical miles. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I would prefer to do it in a CAT...big CAT ...with women on board. I really enjoy your blog because we get to share your adventure. Looks like the big 3 automakers are in deep doodoo and you probably left at the best time. Son, Andre, is moving to Melbourne and we would like to meet you there when the Falcon lands.
Muggy in Townsville and snowing in Threbo. Huge wind storms in Brisbane.

Joe and Dee
Saturday. Nov 22nd 2
Greetings - You " Crusty old Atlantic Seadogs "
We have been watching your daily progress.
Keep those despatches and great pictures coming.
Recent anti-social behaviour of the SM (Commander Queeg??)is a bit concerning- galloping around deck in birthday attire indeed!!-C E you better keep an ear open in case he starts rattling marbles in his pocket- perhaps he should consume fewer mahi steaks-too much protein for that old noggin? Has he picked up any Dutch backpacker ladies and thrown them overboard recently? We hope there is no relapse to 1970s type behaviour alleged aboard the good yacht " Lorraine ".
Anyway Limerick time-
" There was determined yachtie name Jules
Who built his dream boat with old tools
In a highly adventurous antic
He took to the surging Atlantic
Steering south for his native Antipedes. "
" Go hard fellas "
Cheers JR & Dee.

Gary Conrad
Friday. Nov 21st 2008
Hay Boys I keep track of you.
Just to let you know I log in about every few days and read your adventure.
Keep having fun!!

Friday. Nov 21st 2008
Hi. Fun. Wow. Great. Giggles. Mahi Mahi – Yum.
Be Safe.
Northshore Boatworks

Irene Saunders
Friday. Nov 21st 2008
Hello John,
As I was driving to the retirees luncheon today I had to marvel at the first snowfall - the white covered trees and the fence posts with all their little white caps - and the roads as clean as a whistle. You can't get much better than that. I had my winter tires installed so I'm all set.
Your name comes up every time we get together, and today John Pullin gave Bernice Lowe the money he made at a raffle at the last golf tournament. Bernice was stopping at the Cancer Society on her way home with a contribution to your fund for cancer research.
The blogs are going to get you guys nominated for best humour. I don't think it will make the Giller prize list but more likely the Stephen Leacock prize for humour.
Irene Saunders

Ed Radonic
Friday. Nov 21st 2008
Not sure if you guys are following the Vendee Globe, but Derek Hatfield is at the Canary Islands, and heading south at about 13 knots. Doubt you’ll catch him, but thought you might want to know.
All the best and Happy Sailing...
Ed Radonic, Skipper Black Diamond.

Patti and John
Friday. Nov 21st 2008
Hey John,
We've been checking your blog....looks like you're all having an amazing
No words of wisdom from John re the 'seaweed' catches when
trolling.....might be good for facials and the odd salad when things get
Patti and John F.

Thursday. Nov 20th 2008
Doug S
What is with all that white stuff on your face?
Mine is still black and I am working at AC.
Did you forget your razor?

David Mansford
Thursday. Nov 20th 2008
Dear Doug G and crew
(Doug you might remember me as a stow away at your house at Diggers Beach in 1998 while i was on a biking holiday).
I've enjoyed reading the website and looking at the photos - well done boys. What a fantastic adventure. Good luck and keep the updates coming.
David Mansford
Sydney, Australia

Wednesday. Nov 19th 2008
Greetings Old Men and the Sea! Am not seeing very many DARK whiskers on those faces. Congrats on the sizeable catches! In the photo of the two fish, I can see that you're getting newspaper delivery out there. So convenient to have something to throw those headless fish onto... LOL!

Tom Southon
Wednesday. Nov 19th 2008
Nice catch - 10$ into the pot
Beautiful fish gentlemen. The colour is outstanding. You are obviously getting the touch!
John keep unloading the 'F' bombs. Just let Courtney and I know the daily totals and we will throw the IOU's into the pot. Just add to your daily log after the weather conditions.
Best to the scurvy crew,
Tom Southon

Barb and Jim
Wednesday. Nov 19th 2008
Doug's whiskers
Hey Doug S
Nice whiskers!! You don’t happen to have a volley ball named Wilson do you??
Barb & Jim
(movie Castaway Tom Hanks)

Tom Southon
Tuesday. Nov 18th 2008
John we have established a swear pot here at work. Each curse costs us 50 cents each. All money collected will go to the Cancer Society. We plan to continue collecting until you reach port in Australia. Courtney and I are by far the biggest contributors by far. Looks like I will be looking for a second mortgage.
Best to the Swabs.
Tom Southon

Tuesday. Nov 18th 2008
Greetings FLYING Falcons...
Now that you're more than half way across the ocean, wondering if anyone has had enough and wants to go home? Any sounds of grown men wimpering into their pillows at night? Has anyone begun the annoying, "Are we there yet?" I suggested to Audrey that once warmer, tropical winds prevail, that the crew will probably chuck the idea of laundry day and just wear their skivvies. Too late. Apparently that's already happened. Thank you for not sharing THOSE photos.
Thanks again for raising money for cancer. You many need to siphon some of it down our way. As you know by now, it appears that Mike's brain is under siege with it again. The generosity of those who have contributed is especially comforting. There are angels all around.
Congrats on your continued victory over the seas...
Love, Lisa (cousin of Doug S)

Tuesday. Nov 18th 2008
Hello intrepid sailors - you're all amazing!!!!! We just love all the truly beautiful pics and really feel part of the whole adventure - sending you more sprinkles of love -
Fayfee, Anne, Ian, Jenny and her new bloke James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ed Radonic
Tuesday. Nov 18th 2008
Great to see you have been doing well. I have been following your blog just about daily. We are heading down to Black Diamond in Florida in 2 weeks, and will head over to the Bahamas for 6 weeks after that.
Hey, if you guys step on it, you might catch up with the tail end of the Vendee Globe Fleet. You may be close to Derek Hatfield and Spirit of Canada. If you are close, I’ll send you another e-mail and let you know.
Ed Radonic, Skipper of Black Diamond.

Tuesday. Nov 18th 2008
Hey Stuart!!
You need more pictures of yourself on the site!! Hopefully you're heading for some warm dry land for a rest?
Sounds like you boys are having loads of fun.
Anyhoo, take care, stay warm and safe :)

Peter KentJohn(Audrey's dad)
Sunday. Nov 16th 2008
re Battleship:
We hope the only 'shells' you will see on this trip are 'sea shells'!
Perhaps you should ease up on the war movies, plus add more water to the Grog!
John (The old Jack Tar!)

Brian Miller
Saturday. Nov 15th 2008
John & Crew: I lost my Dad to cancer almost 7 years ago. He loved to sail and introduced me to "big boat" sailing when he bought a Grampian 23 at the first Ontario Place boat show back in the 70's. On behalf of my family thank you for dedicating your voyage to raising funds for cancer.
Good luck and keep up the great work on your Blog!

Friday. Nov 14th 2008
Hi Uncle Brendan!
I've been logging on regularly to check the daily updates. I really love following your progress; the pictures are amazing.
Be safe and keep having a fabulous time!
Love, Erica :)

Brandon Valley
Friday. Nov 14th 2008
Good Work Men.........
Wow looks like fun,
Hey Doug(S) A.C. rooting for you....
Brandon Valley

Derek Power
Friday. Nov 14th 2008
BIC shavers
John with the myriad of contraptions you have on that vessel, did you forget to bring your shaver?
Today’s photo shows us that if you gained a substantial amount of weight, you could get a good seasonal job in mid December for a couple of weeks…….

John L
Friday. Nov 14th 2008
Best wishes keep it up guys
John G and the rest of the guys
John just to let you know you are being followed daily by a lot of people at Ford maintenance. wishing you good winds and safe seas we are with you all the way.
John L.

Angela and Bill
Thursday. Nov 13th 2008
Hi John and Buoys:
Just checking in again, love the fish picture. Has the weather been "bitter" at night, how cold is it getting? Should be getting warmer soon! Still can't figure out how you guys got so much food stored away? It's amazing how much Mac and Cheese you can store away. Are you stopping in Morocco? You'll all be up for some exotic tastings.
Love all the pic's keep 'em coming...happy sailing.
From: Angela and Bill Fox xox (the kisses are from Bill)

Sheila and Bill
Thursday. Nov 13th 2008
Good day eh from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
Hello John G. and all the crew! :)
Congratulations on the fine job all of you have done so far!!!!!
Each one of you are an inspiration to many people around the world.
To have a dream and then to live that dream, especially one so grand, is fantastic!
Way to go guys!
Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with your blog, great pictures and videos, we're enjoying them a lot.
Great sense of humor guys.
May the remainder of your journey be safe and all you expect it to be.
Love Sheila and Bill xo

Bob and Gin
Thursday. Nov 13th 2008
We are following your exciting journey with great interest & enjoy your daily up-dates.
Have a safe trip, & what a wonderful adventure!
Cheers, best wishes & good luck,
Uncle Bob & Aunt Gin.

Wednesday. Nov 12th 2008
To Doug S and crew
Hey Doug,
Sure have enjoyed reading about your daily adventures and glad that all of you are safe. Daniel has his 6th grade social studies class following your voyage too. Just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts.
Happy sailing,
Christine Powers

Wednesday. Nov 12th 2008
Sargassum Weed
Hi Guys! As an ex Merchant Navy man and 'would be' ocean sailor, I'm really enjoying following your trip.
I don't suppose I'm the only one to recognise the sargassum weed from your photos, but thought I would throw in my two-bits worth.
You seem to be getting a bit of a counter - current from the Gulf Stream as your boat speed is a little better than your actual days run.
Hopefully this will change the further east you get.
Wishing I was there!
Neil Harrison, Oakville

Kurt Lynn
Wednesday. Nov 12th 2008
We’re watching!!!!
The weather is (obviously) there in spades...
All the best!
Kurt D. Lynn
Tom Anderson
Karen Anderson
Jane Robertson

Lisa Egan
Wednesday. Nov 12th 2008
Greetings, Sailor Boys!
Your trusty Communications Officer, the lovely Audrey, has complied with this American's request for Fahrenheit temperatures. No more guess work with that Celsius stuff! Thanks, Auds.
I was surprised to read that you're still enjoying "fresh" fruits and yogurt 12 days into the voyage. Me thinks you're not being particularly choosy about what you consider fresh....
The photographs are wonderful, as are JG's humor and DS's details.
The brown stuff in the water does look to be seaweed as it resembles the clumps that often float in while we're attempting to enjoy a nice beach swim here in south Florida.
The Senior Member sounds delighted to report "no snow here." Some men will do ANYTHING to get out of shoveling snow all winter!
Glad/relieved to hear that calmer conditions prevail - hope it continues.
Happy Sailing!
Lisa Egan

Dave Gunn
Wednesday. Nov 12th 2008
Just wishing everyone well and letting you know that I am really enjoying your daily updates !!
Dave Gunn

Ronald Muir
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Greetings from the Paint Shop
John, Sounds like you and the crew are hanging in there. I will give updates of your journey at my morning meeting to keep your work friends informed.
Good luck to you and the entire crew
Ronald Muir

Caroline and Steve
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Hey Uncle Doug (S),
Just wanted to say hi and to tell you we look forward to checking on your progress everyday. It's so cool what you all are doing!
Stay safe!!
Caroline & Steve xoxo

Pauline and John
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Hi Doug S. ( Senior Member and Oppo's.)
Pleased to see you are finally heading South.
Hope the winds stay favourable, the sun keeps shining and the fish
keep biting (or flying!)
Love from
Mum & Dad (in Law)

Keith Cassey
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Hello to the crew of the Falcon GT. I thought I would take a minute to say few words to you fellas. My name is Keith I am a 59 year old firefighter from Oakville, I have been following your progress day by day since you left New York.
I learned of your voyage from a friend and fellow firefighter from Toronto by the name of B.J. He told me of your adventure and I was enthused 2 years ago when I first heard about it.
I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to have a dream of this nature and have the ability to be able to get through all the obsticals in life and say we are going to make this thing happen, put every thing down and chase a dream.
Most of us have had dreams of doing something, that has great challenges, dangers and the unforseen.
I must also say that all my thoughts and best wishes go out to you all, be safe and I look forward to your daily up-dates and pics.
Keith Cassey

Reg Wesson
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Brendan, you lucky dog.
I did not know until Doug told me of your great adventure.
Success and much joy on your trip.
Reg Wesson

Dwight and Joanne
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Hi John and crew....
Joanne and I are following your progress on a daily basis.
Quite an adventure and as much as I envy the whole project, can't imagine "heaving my guts" for 5 or 6 days at a stretch. (Loved the references to the Irish field sport.)
You are all doing a great job of writing for the daily logs (and no doubt editing it for general consumption as well).
Close to gale force winds here in Barrie today accompanied by horizontal leaves and snow at times. Cold on the tractor at the golf course.
Keep up the good work.

Ian Hamilton
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Hi glad to hear and see all things are going well for you and that the boat is satisfactory.
Keep up the good work.
Cheers from Stu's dad

Anne Taylor
Tuesday. Nov 11th 2008
Congratulations on your already monumental efforts and achievements so far! I’m sure we all hope that your fundraising efforts will be a resounding success and continue to raise awareness. I am Lisa Egan’s (Doug S cousin), cousin Anne residing in Edinburgh , Scotland . I’m sharing your stunningly impressive website with my colleagues. Altho’ we’ve never met, I’m claiming association by proxy and can therefore say Proud of You! I loved my sailing experiences but this is right up there.
Godspeed and Bless you all,
Anne Taylor

Jan and Vil
Monday. Nov 10th 2008
Hi Doug G and the rest of the crew,
Greetings from Coffs!
I must say your new image is somewhat alarming, but nevertheless glad to see that you have been able to ease the sheets – fingers crossed for improved weather.
We’re addicted to the daily updates so keep them coming.
Go boys!
Jan & Vil

Munie and Mark
Monday. Nov 10th 2008
Best wishes from Sawtell
G'day John, Doug G and Crew, congratulations on your first 10 days at sea!
Sawtell and the Bonville Bashers are following your amazing adventures with awe and send their best wishes. The photos and reports are great.
See you in Melbourne in February.
Love to all, Munie and Mark.

Jan and Grant
Monday. Nov 10th 2008
Hey Stu et al
Following your adventure daily... appreciate the daily updates
and wish you guys all the best:)
Jan and Grant

Warren and Yvonne
Sunday. Nov 9th 2008
Brave mariners
We're just two envious boaters from Bronte Marina who wish we had your guts. We're so excited about your voyage and are watching every day an update comes available. Clarry McLellan, (Ford) an old work mate is also following your progress with us. We had been concerned about the hurricane that seems to have lost most of its power hundreds of miles from you. My wife's sister lives in Melbourne and we've visited several times. They are keeping track also and hopefully will be on the shore when you arrive in Melbourne.
God's speed.
Warren (a bluenose from Lunenburg NS) and Yvonne.

Sunday. Nov 9th 2008
Hi Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
My kids and I have been reading the blog with excitement everyday. There were a few days that you did not mention HH and we got worried! Looks like you are back to normal again and we are very happy for you. Hope you’ll get some better weather in the days to come.
Take care and God Bless!
Patsy and family

Sunday. Nov 9th 2008
Greetings to All
Wishing you all the very best on your voyage. Hope all are well. If not use medicinal rum or brandy the cure all. Love the pics keep it up. envy is high wish I was with you all.
Stuart all is well at home and work.
cheers to all Milo

Saturday. Nov 8th 2008
Greetings from Mississauga
Greetings to all. Watching your progress daily and admiring your courage and determination. Stuart Sharon and I will check in on the kids and Elena often so try not to worry too much and stay away from the mermaids - you saw the picture- .

Saturday. Nov 8th 2008
Phil at the Fourteenth. Bonville. 2441
Hi Doug [G] and to the rest of the intrepid crew. Greetings from downtown Bonville. Finally suppressed my IT phobia but have cramps in both fingers. I would just like to express my admiration for the dream and the guts and grunt to bring it to fruition.All the very best. Hope you all have a pleasant exciting and fun voyage. Talk to you again soon.
P.S. Robin Amy and Erin send their best also.
Regards PHILTHY.

Graeme & Kathryn
Saturday. Nov 8th 2008
Hi from Coffs
Hi to Doug G and John and also the others that I don’t know.
Wow! Looks like you guys are having a ball. Way more fun than playing bad golf! From the videos, Falcon GT certainly turns some speed. We’re enjoying the Blog site and feeling rather jealous.
Hey Doug, Political Economics?? I thought you cooked Fish & Chips! Anyway, keep enjoying and we’ll keep following your progress.
Graeme & Kathryn

Friday. Nov 7th 2008
Good Morning Crew!
Congratulations on this day, your one week anniversary at sea!
One week ago today,(already, how time flies),you set sail on your dream adventure!
Congratulations on a successful first week!
Keep up the great work!
Good luck and continued success on the journey!

Maurice and Lee
Thursday. Nov 6th 2008
Hello to the crew - especially Doug!
We're excited and thrilled for you all to be undertaking such a momentous trip and wish you only the very best of weather and good luck. May your skies be sunny and your sailing smooth and - to borrow from another well known prayer - 'Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.' God speed and God Bless you all.
Love Uncle Maurice and Lee

Wendy & Gerry
Wednesday. Nov 5th 2008
Hi Sailors!
I’m thinking a “Gravol” warning is needed!
Great Pix Doug.
Wendy & Gerry

Tuesday Nov 4th 2008
Hi John and rest of crew,
I read your daily log without fail and pass along your website to others.
On Thursday we have our Ford retirees business meeting and we shall raise our glasses to a successful voyage but I'm sure you are also looking for a bit of excitement.
Tonight we shall spend quite a bit of time watching U.S. elections. Assume you can also participate thanks to satellites beaming this to you.
Fantastic number of hits on your website.

Tuesday. Nov 4th 2008
Hi Brendan,
I am following your journey and look forward to your photoblog entries. I have written a passage about your trip on my blog, because it's such a great trip you have undertaken and I hope the extra exposure helps your fundraising.
Good luck and I look forward to reading about your trip as it unfolds.

Noel and Judy
Tuesday. Nov 4th 2008
Hi Douglas, (G) John and Crew,
Arrived home today from our China trip and have just logged on to see where you were.
The Great Wall was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and discovered lots of Chinese in China!! LOL
Hope everybody and everything is shipshape. We will follow your progress with great
interest now that we are home. Good luck and good sailing. Oh and keep serving up
those cordon bleu meals.
Kind Regards
Noel and Judy

Dave Gunn
Tuesday. Nov 4th 2008
Good Morning.
Hoping everyone is enjoying the trip.

Fred Hussey
Tuesday. Nov 4th 2008
Hey Guys,
Just thought I'd drop you a note after checking your daily progress. I have to keep up to date because I've told so many people about this incredible journey, that I'm getting asked for updates regularly. Thanks for the great reports.
Fred Hussey

Tuesday. Nov 4th 2008
G’day guys,
Like J.J., I am addicted to checking your progress and blog every day. It’s a great topic of conversation with Bob on our daily perambulation to the local Timmies. If envy is a sin I must be one of the biggest sinners, even though having been only a “big ship” sailor. As you have said, there is NOTHING like the open ocean on a clear, moonlit and starry night with the only sound being the wash of the bow wave on the hull - fabulous. And here are we, reduced to raking leaves!!! Keep safe.

Monday. Nov 3rd 2008
Hi all,
I'm finding myself addicted to your trip. I check the blog at least three times a day to see whats new and to make sure i haven't missed anything. The blogs are informative and hilarious! Keep them up.
j.j. (Doug S. nephew)

Marg and Mike H
Monday. Nov 3rd 2008
Hey Crazy Hamilton and Crew!
Looks like you got off to a good start. Marg and I are glued to the website following your progress.
Having had some good ocean boating experience over the years, I can just "feel" your various experiences at sea. Almost wish I was there with you all. Hope all continues well. Will be in touch again soon.
Love and Lots of Good Luck,
Marg & Mike H.

Jim Roberts
Sunday. Nov 2nd 2008
Hello Doug (Sandrin);
Good-luck to you and your crew mates on your long journey.
I will be watching your progress with interest.
Take care,
Jim Roberts

Paul & Barbara Keeley
Sunday. Nov 2nd. 2008
Greetings from Paul & Barbara Keeley
Thinking of you on your adventure and wishing all a safe and exciting journey.
We are reading you blog on a daily basis.
All the best from Orange Krait, Ceilidh, and the Keeley fleet.

Sharyn Parno
Saturday. Nov 1st. 2008
Hello John: You may not remember me - I worked in Process Engineering at OAP many years ago. I retired from OTP in 1996. Didn't know about your adventure till reading about it in the retiree newsletter. Congratulations for living your dream. It sounds exciting. I'll pray for a safe journey for you and your crew.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sharyn Parno & Bill King
"Live all you can; it's a mistake not to. It doesn't much matter what you do in particular, so much as you live while you are doing it." ... by Henry James

The McInnis Family
Saturday. Nov 1st. 2008
Hello from Oakville
Happy to hear that you are free of land.
God speed
We are constantly thinking of you on your journey.
McInnis Family.

Marg and Mike Paulson
Saturday. Nov 1st. 2008
Hi, guys, we have been reading your blog daily with great interest and we were so happy to see that you sailed safely out of New York and out to the open sea.
We wish you a very safe and happy trip.
Cheers from fellow sailors from Bronte,
Marg and Mike Paulson, (WASOKI)

George and Dawn
Saturday. Nov 1st. 2008
John , Brendan and crew - when I saw your plans for the boat sometime in the late 90's I was a bit skeptical about any body actually building one! How wrong can you be. The boat is beautiful and I can see from the construction pictures the work that went into it. Having built my little 16 foot daysailer a couple of years ago I'd like to say `I know how you feel' but just thinking about building one 45 ft long still boggles my mind. My house is only 35 ft long!! Any way congratulations on completing the boat and I hope she will take all of you safely to Melbourne. I was going to say `comfortably' as well but it may not be too comfortable in some places where your sailing.
The blog is a great idea and very well done. Dawn and I usually check first thing every morning to see where you are and what adventures you've had.
Best of luck

Andy Potter
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
John et al
I have to admit it’s been many many many etc years since I’ve had such a ‘rush’.
God speed.

Pauline and John
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Hello to the 'Electronics Officer' & All.
We see you are 'victualled' up and 'underway'.
I guess the 'watches' have been dibbed out by now.
We are keeping a steady eye on you as you sail off.
Congrats on your 30th Anniversary with A.C.
Take Care.
Mum & Dad (in law)

Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Dear Brendan,
Jetzt wird die Sache ernst!
To morrow this time, if all goes well, which we hope it will, you will be somewhere out there on the deep and dark blue ocean - a dream come true. Again, thank you and the crew for the up-dates, which were interesting and amusing. You obviously all had a good time. May it last.
Some lines from a poem by Byron, which I always liked so much:
Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll!..
There is rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar.
Thou glorious mirror, where the Almighty’s form
Glasses itself in tempest; in all time’ -
Calm or convulsed, in breeze, or gale, or storm,
Dark-heaving- boundless, endless, and sublime,
The image of eternity. (Much shortened)
Well! Telly, hi-ho! Alles, alles Gute, und "Kehr wieder".
All the best, Mom & Dad

Stephen Rockett
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Stuart and crew all the best on your voyage .
We'll miss you on the pool deck next week,
Stephen Rockett and the MSSAC gang!

Lyn and Ken
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
I am a friend of Doug S.
I wish you all a safe and healthy trip.
I love the web site and the pictures. The writer (don't know who it is...Day 17), is quite commical.
From the pictures I can see you have EVERYTHING you need, good food, liquid refreshments and the proper drinking glasses and a half a boat of Coca Cola!
I look forward to reading and following your adventure each day.
Happy male bonding!!
Lyn Garbett P.S. Audrey? What day did you say the party was? LOL

Nick Sellars
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Hi John,
Just heard of the new 'get outa Dodge day'. So take care and have fun.
I've been following the Volvo pretty closely since the start. One thing to note from their blogs, they were pretty neurotic about personal hygiene during the tropical phase of this first leg. They said you can get a nasty infection going from just about the smallest cut or scrape in the tropical heat and humidity.
They mentioned an affliction called 'spotty botty' which I don't want to think about but maybe you do. ;->
All the best,
Mike Balcain
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
HOOOOOOLLLLLYYYY----! You're really going through with it.
All the best mate.
Sail on, Sail on, Sailor.
Mike Balcain

Wendy and Gerry
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
A sailor meets a pirate in a bar, and they take turns telling about their adventures on the seas. The sailor notes that the pirate has a peg-leg, a hook and an eye patch.
The sailor asks "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?"
The pirate replies: "We were in a storm at sea, and I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. Just as my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off."
"Wow!" said the sailor. "What about the hook?"
"Well," replied the pirate, "we were boarding an enemy ship and were battling the other sailors with swords. One of the enemy cut my hand off."
"Incredible!" said the sailor. "And how did you get the eye patch?"
"A seagull-dropping fell into my eye," replied the pirate.
"You lost your eye to a seagull-dropping?" the sailor asked incredulously.
"Well," said the pirate,” it was my first day with the hook..."
Keep the wind in your sails!
Wendy & Gerry

Shirley and Vic
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Hi Doug:
Glad to hear you made it safely to New York and will be on your way to a trip of a lifetime in a few short hours!
By the way Happy 30 year Anniversary at Air Canada!!
We are really enjoying reading the blogs, very very funny!!!
Best of luck and take care!!
Love Shirley & Vic xxxx

Anne and Ian
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Go intrepid sailors - so pleased for you all - a dream come true :):):)
More sprinkles of love - everyone at Beaver xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dave Gunn
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Hey Guys, congratulations on making it to the point of departure. In life that always seems to be the most difficult part.
I wish you all the best, I will be thinking of you daily.
Dave Gunn
Stu and Brendans friend from O'connor Associates)

Noel Johnston
Friday. Oct 31, 2008
Hi there
I wish I was there with you all, as you are about to start. Your exploits & photos make me very envious, fair dinkum, and I know how much time, effort & planning John
has put into this venture.
Good luck, good weather and lots of fun as you make your way Down Under to the land of BBQ, abbos's & kangaroos.
Robyn & Noel

Lee and Lu-Ann
Thursday. Oct 30, 2008
Doug S.
So few people even have a dream - its truly inspiring that you're
able to live yours.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that
you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain
Travel safe. We'll be with you in spirit.
Lee & Lu-Ann

Thursday. Oct 30, 2008
Hey Uncle Doug (S)!
Hope you and the crew have a safe and wonderful journey!! We'll be thinking of you and watching the progress.
Caroline, Steve & Stevie

Lisa Egan
Thursday. Oct 30, 2008
Bon Voyage, FGT crew!! The Big Day has finally arrived! I actually have tears in my eyes.... Six years of planning and preparing, and now you're off! (Some would say you're "off" to even THINK of doing this!) Please be sure to stay tethered, and wear your life jackets and clean undies at all times! Of course, if a situation arises where tethering or life jackets are essential, I suppose the "clean undies" will no longer apply.
Cousin Doug (S)- Congrats on your 30 year anniversary with Air Canada today! Way to go!
Wishing you all a safe journey, lots of fun, and HH merriment. May all the snags you encounter be only at dinner time. (I'm learning Aussie from your logs!)
God speed!
Lisa Egan

Thursday. Oct 30, 2008
To the Crew,
Lisa Egan is a friend and fellow parishioner, just wishing you god speed and good sailing.
Daniel E. Thompson
Stacey and Matt
Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
Have fun on your trip Uncle Doug!!
I am sure it will be quite the adventure and we can't wait to hear all about it.
Take care and come home safely!!
Stacey, Matt and Madelyn xoxo

Lyn and Ken
Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
Hi Doug, (S)
Guess the count down is now on!
Great time to get-outta-town Doug with this yucky weather coming in.
I just wanted to wish you an excellent, fun filled, be very careful trip and for Audrey's sake .......take a TON of pictures!!!!
Take care and I will watch your site to see what you are up to.
Best wishes,
Love Lyn & Ken

Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
Hi. Doug (S)
Just wanted to wish you a great adventure and safe trip.
Hope you meet up with some interesting people when you stop.
Looking forward to keeping up with your trip on the computer.
Take care and same for Audrey.

Francie and Walter
Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
Hi Doug (S)
Was talking to Kay on weekend and she told me you will be with Air Canada 30 years on Oct. 30. Way to go Doug!
Also, enjoyed reading all about the Lake Ontario race, etc. The weather sure wasn't on your side the day of that race eh? You made it sound like so much fun, though, just being on the boat, on the water, figuring out the best way to get the boat sailing again, etc. your enthusiasm was so infectious that it almost made me want to try sailing!
Anyway, wishing you a Bon Voyage. Finally, all that hard work is paying off - 6 years.
Now, for the fun part - the actually sailing. Hope its smooth sailing all the way.
Love, Fran & Walt

Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
Hi Doug (S)
I just wanted say hello and let you know that I have a few others watching your amazing journey. My excitement for your crew seems to be a topic of conversation when ever I am engaged in social chit chat. This is something that I think all types of sailors dream of, from the weekend day sailor like me to experienced sailors like yourselves, to take on an adventure like this and to support such a great cause,is a wonderful thing.
I can see from the pictures and feel when I go outside it is a little "frosty" out there but warmer waters awaits you and the rest of your crew in the days to come.
Just wanted to wish you a good journey and smooooooth sailing.

Tom Hamilton-Foster
Wednesday. Oct 29, 2008
The Trip of a Lifetime.
Hey Doughie (G) and the rest of the Crew,
I have been tracking you for 14 days – Boy what an adventure and with more to come.
Doug – You have to catch a few “Snook” for me on the way across the Atlantic.
I wish you God speed and a safe journey.
Tom Hamilton-Foster
Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast Qld Australia.
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Katherine Sandrin
Tuesday. Oct 28, 2008
Doug, (S)
I am very happy for you. Your Big Dream has come true.
I will be thinking of you every day and will say a prayer for you every night. I know Dad will be near you to guide you.
Will be so happy when I hear from you.
Lots of Love,

Fleetwood England
Monday. Oct 27, 2008
Hi Doug S. and crew
Just checked out the website Aunt Pauline sent us, this is Nicola, (Ralphs daughter) in Fleetwood Lancashire England.
Dad and Margaret are here visiting just wanted to say Hi and good luck in your journey.
Take Care
Nicola& Family
Ralph & Margaret xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday. Oct 27, 2008
From John "The Old Tar"
After reading the latest blog, I thought you might like this little ditty.
When rains come before the wind
Halyards, sheets and braces mind,
But when wind comes before rain,
Soon you may make sail again.
If clouds are gathering thick and fast,
Keep sharp look out for sails and mast,
But if they slowly onward crawl,
Shoot your lines, nets and trawls.
Long foretold, long last.
Short notice, soon past.
Quick rise after low,
Sure sign of stronger blow.
When the glass falls low,
Prepare for a blow;
When it slowly rises high,
Lofty canvas you may fly.
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. Henry David Thoreau

Gary Conrad
Monday. Oct 27, 2008
You and the Boys sound like your really living life.
Keep safe and I keep tracking you over the weeks reading your Blogs.

Neil Harrison
Monday. Oct 27, 2008
Having been Mike Lynchs' sailing partner on his trip to Cuba and back on Dargason, I am re-living the first part of the trip by following your progress. We re-masted at Hop-o-Nose like you and also experienced their somewhat laid back operation!
Although we didn't plan as long as you in NY, due to fuel flow problems in the vicinity of Sandy Hook we had to return to NY for some repairs.
I hope the w/x quietens down for your departure on the 'Big Leap' and will follow your progress with great interest.
You have a fantastic web site - I found it all very interesting, especially the build pictures.
Australia has always been an interest of mine since my Merchant Navy days (1950s), 10 years mainly around the Australian and New Zealand coasts, and the South Pacific/Indian Ocean. My wife and I visited Oz four years ago, visiting all the major places and visiting relatives just north of Melbourne.
I am a friend/ex colleague of Bob Yorke's but in spite of his pressure, sail my MacGregor 25 out of Oakville Harbour!
All the best for your voyage.

Munie and Mark
Monday. Oct 27, 2008
Hello over there, We all wish you well and Fayfee says "you are doing a wonderful thing" and wishes you well too.
All our love Munie and Mark

Sunday. Oct 26, 2008
Hi. John
This is Warren Conrad (Gary's Father).
Trust you all a safe trip.
I am looking at the pictures of your sail boat
Would like to wish you all a very safe trip.
Look forward to meeting you again when you return home.

Hjordis Collins
Sunday. Oct 26, 2008
Hi all of you
Haul out weekend have just finished, so now we have plenty of time following you guys on your fabulous trip South.
Have a great time and see you when you come back.
Cheers from
Mike & Hjordis (well he is still in the DR)

Mike Collins
Sunday. Oct 26, 2008
hola guys,
tracking your progress over the net, sounds like you are having a good time. look forward to the book and/or movie [documentary or comedy ]?.
you have to drink the white to loosen you up after the red and get the stains out of the mugs.
have a good trip
mike collins in the dominican rep.

John & Sharon
Sunday. Oct 26, 2008
Seems like you guys are having way too much fun!! ?? can imagine "the brothers" assisting in docking the 200 ton dinner boat... yeah sure... guess nothing changes, enjoy the last few days in dock...Doug G...get cooking !!!!
Shaz and Johnno
Coffs Harbour Australia

Greetings from Singapore
Sunday. Oct 26, 2008
G'day Doug and Crew
Jus a quick note to wish you all the best for the journey ahead.
I have a big new cycling project in Singapore and will be spending most of the time until Feb next year here - so you may well beat me back to Sunny Sawtell!
Enjoy the experience and I'm sure we will "talk" from time to time over the next few months.
Safe travels

Lee and Lu-Ann
Saturday. Oct 25, 2008
Doug S.
Hoping your trip is full of blue skies, calm seas and memories to last a lifetime.
Safe journeys!
Lee and Lu-Ann.
"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage"-G.W. Curtis
"The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel Safe. GO!"-The Amazing Race

Friday. Oct 24, 2008
Good Luck!
Uncle Doug S. and crew
The blog is hilarious, i am getting a real kick out of reading it everyday.
Good luck on the trip of a lifetime and look forward to seeing you when you get back.
j.j., tanya and ethan.

Friday. Oct 24, 2008
Awesome Work!
Hey John, Doug, Brandon. It's Katja (John's niece,) just wanted to let you know that the class is syked and cheering for you guys.
I love what you guys are doing and say you rock.
Have a great time and safe journey,

John Buckminster
Friday. Oct 24, 2008
Reading your log reminds me of our trip to panama followed the same route down the Hudson and out at new york.
Take care and have a great trip,
John Buckminster.

Tom Southon
Wed. Oct 22, 2008
John, I hope this short note finds you and your merry crew healthy and well spirited.
Have been following your journey daily.
The logs are great to read.
My kids have been also visiting your site daily and following you.
Take care, rest well, God bless.

Tues. Oct 21, 2008
Hi John and the crew!
Wishing you all the very best and a wonderful and safe trip. Have lots of fun and come home safely! You guys are absolutely the very best!!!
Take care of you and good luck !

Dick and Lise
Tues. Oct 21, 2008
Hi John and Crew,
We will be looking over your shoulder as you set out on your adventure. Great blog. You are taking us with you. This should be fun!
Dick and Lise, "Aussie Rules"

Michele and Terry
Tues. Oct 21, 2008
Hi Doug,
We are enjoying your journey and we are not even there. We are hooked on checking up on you guys and already have learned about places we had only heard of previously. We will have to have a trivia night when you get back, we know all about the Erie Canal System now. Of course, Terry is predicting your every move before you even think of it. We have google earthed every inch of NY state. The site is working really well and we have told so many people about it. What a great idea. How amazing is all this technology!
Forecast here for Thursday twilight is 30 knots and showers, top of 18c. Today Woolgoolga had hail the size of tennis balls, Coffs only had marble-sized.
Say Hi to all the crew and we will look forward to following you on your fabulous adventure.
Cheers for now!
Michele & Terry OH

Hello from Beaver
Mon. Oct 20, 2008
Hello lovelies - thinking of you every single day :) and sending very best wishes - Fayfee says to look after each other and lots of love - we are following your progress on the blog - amazing, intrepid sailors!!!!
Sprinkles of love - all of us at Beaver -
Anne, Ian, Jenny, Georgie, Grant, Annie and Super Sam xxxx

Karen and Wayne
Mon. Oct 20, 2008
Hello Boys
We've been following your journey and we are soooooooooo jealous.
The pics are beautiful. Wayne wishes he was with you.
Hope to see you in Australia. We will keep in touch.
Love Karen and Wayne

Dave Gunn
Mon. Oct 20, 2008
Congratulations on taking the trip of a lifetime.
Stuart/Brendan do not worry, I will hold down the environmental fort here until you get back.
Following your progress and wishing all of you the best,

Ian and Sue Hogbin
Mon. Oct 20, 2008
To Dougy and the rest of the motley crew,
Have a great and safe trip.
Remember Doug, take the second best bunk, that way you wont have to share.
Be in charge of morale, that way you get night duty rostered off every night.
The creek track awaits your return, so keep up the fitness.
Catch you in Feb
Best Wishes
Ian & Sue

Andy Potter
Sat. Oct 18, 2008
I have to admit to a bit of déjà-vu seeing you guys leave Bronte on Tuesday . All I had to do was think back to the same date and time in 1975 ( we left form Port Credit), heading to Florida. I know your route to Troy NY, so, as I follow your itinerary, I sit with a glass of scotch and remember.
Safe journey
Andy P
Ian & Jill

Thurs. Oct 16, 2008
Hi John, Doug & crew,
Our congratulations on a wonderful achievement in the construction of the FalconGT and our very best wishes for the journey before you. We will be following your progress with a great deal of interest. Warm regards to Jeanette, Viv and families. Look forward to a few malts when you arrive in Melbourne.
Ian & Jill

Chips & 41
Thurs. Oct 16, 2008
Reckon you’re cheating!
When you said the first leg was to New York pictured you sailing up the St. Laurence River past Montreal and Quebec, round Nova Scotia and down past Boston to NY.
Instead you’re motoring your way down tepid little canals, stopping at yacht clubs, drinking and carousing. Not a hard life.
Hope alls well. Following with interest.
Chips & 41

John & Pauline
Thurs. Oct 16, 2008
Hi John & Crew
We are following you with great interest, can't wait to log on each morning.
The Patz bar and Resto looks the perfect place for a stopover.
Surfing the map, we are waiting to find out how you negotiate the fork in the river at Three Rivers.
Sometime ago we travelled by car along part of your route, also have sailed on the Hudson River and stayed in Albany over night. Lovely memories.
We wish for you the making of your own very pleasant memories.
John and Pauline.

Crew Far Scandia (bass strait)
Thurs. Oct 16, 2008
Howdy! Doug (Get on the bus)
Lucky bastards. Good Luck for the trip from the crew on the Far Scandia Oil Rig supply boat. Everyone is very interested in your trip. Doug and crew good luck mate . Did you take the Oil Skins you got in Melbourne that you used on your other trips you will need them.
Working on a donation for a good cause.
Catch up for a Red in Melbourne.
keep in touch stay safe
Far Scandia Crew Oil Rig Supply Boat Bass a Strait

Hello from Hollywell-Gold Coast Australia
Wed. Oct 15, 2008
Hello "All Aboard"
We are following with interest your departure and progress.
There is a strong wind warning here at the moment so you are better off there.
Hope the Chilli Concarne was up to standard and a bottle of red? enhanced the meal.
Will keep looking at the fantastic blog site.
Cheers for now,
Lindy and Kevin.

Patsy Chan
Tues. Oct 14, 2008
Hi Brendan and crew of Falcon GT,
It’s great to see your dream come true. We will be following your journey on the website.
Have a wonderful and safe trip!
Take care and God bless!
Patsy and family

Spence & Linda Williams
Tues. Oct 14, 2008
Hi Crew of the Falcon-GT!
Your blogspot is amazing!!! Well done! Is it the writer’s craft or thanks to one of the shore crew? I have only begun to read all about you but look forward to following your journey and catching up with some of your history. We first became interested when you were moored a few slips east of us in the Oakville Harbour last year. It’s exciting that you are underway.
Blessings to all and to the shore crew! You are in our thoughts and prayers go with you.
Spence and Linda
s/v Amazing Grace V

Irene Saunders
Tues. Oct 14, 2008
Note from Hornby
Hello to John and the rest of the crew,
I've just watched the video and my heart is pounding with excitement. It must be an amazing feeling for you guys. I want to see your faces as you sail. I'll be following you all the way.

Tues. Oct 14, 2008
Good Luck on your voyage and may God keep you safe!
My friend Fiona in Bayville New York sent me this email....
it is truly inspiring...
Have a wonderful and safe trip
Geralyn Starrantino and Family

Julien & Barb
Tues. Oct 14, 2008
Just to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving weekend - you will probably have made departure before we get back from our little trip up north.
T’was wonderful meeting you on the 4th and to see your “home” of the next 4 months. I stand in awe.
Again, God speed and a safe reach.
All a’breast.
Three-badge Stoker.(aka Barb & Julien).

J Carr
Mon. Oct 13, 2008
John, Doug & Gang,
Best wishes for your voyage. We look forward to following along each day via your website.
It's truly inspiring to see your dream become reality.
Safe travels,
James,Jen,Tillie & Ollie

Jim & Barb
Mon. Oct 13, 2008
The Adventure begins!
The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them”. – Denis Watley
We send best wishes to all the crew of Falcon GT. Have a fantastic journey!
Jim & Barb

Shirley & Vic
Mon. Oct 13, 2008
Great Sailing!
Hi Doug S.
I know you are not leaving yet, but wanted to wish everyone a safe trip to New York tomorrow! Hope they will all be there waiting for you on the 2nd!!!
We will be following your website every day. Cannot wait to hear about all your adventures when you return!!
Love Shirley & Vic xxxxxxxx

Kylie Gayford
Mon. Oct 13, 2008
Hi everyone,
Good luck with your grand adventure. I'm currently sitting in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, about to set off for a Ger camp and wondering how to decline fermented mare's milk in a polite fashion. A little adventure of my own! I wish you pleasant winds, a following sea and hope Dad doesn't go too green.
Much love,

Mon. Oct 13, 2008
Bon Voyage
Hey Doug G!!!!
Had to break into your lap top to find your e-mail address to be able to send you good wishes....(where are all those brochures ?) Jim is here for dinner and as his dad built his own 39ft yacht about 100 years ago i wanted to show jim how things had improved on the high seas...he was impressed....Well it's nearly sailing time ...Give my regards to Broadway...n don't look back once you hit the Roaring Forties......sail safely... n ella and i miss you already.....

Sun. Oct 12, 2008
To John ( JULES ), Dirty Doug and the crew of the mighty Falcon GT.
May good fortune smile upon you all the way to Oz.
Well Jules the dream is about to become reality.
Congratulations on getting your creation from mechano set to the starting line - a commendable achievement.
We trust that you will have favourable conditions and a safe trip. We will be checking your progress regularly.
As promised we will be waiting to greet you with plenty of foaming refreshments at the Sandy Y C.
Take care
Joe & Dee

Jach & Bev
Sun. Oct 12, 2008
Dear John, and All of the Crew:-
Jack and I want to send our Very Best Wishes for your safe journey to Australia with your fellow boaters.
We wish you God's Speed, be very careful, and take care of yourself, and each other.
Our thoughts go with you, and of course, we will be thinking of Jeannette while you are away.
We will be looking forward to hearing from Lynn and Fred, as your journey progresses.
Love to All,
Jack & Bev McCartney

Sun. Oct 12, 2008
hello all crew
I hope you survived the plane trip, (Doug G)!
That probably will be the worst of the whole thing.
(Making sure the email work).
Good wind !

Grace Campbell
Sat. Oct 11, 2008
John, I just wanted to wish you and your fellow crew members a safe journey - you did a fabulous job on the boat. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream, not many people in this world have the opportunity to say that.
May the wind be in your sails!

John & Sharon
Fri. Oct 10, 2008
Doug and John G and fellow travellers
Happy days the dream is about to be fullfilled! Good luck we are excited for you and will follow your trip closely.
John and Sharon
Coffs Harbour, Australia

John & Donna
Thurs. Oct 09, 2008
To Doug (S) and crew. What a boat! what an adventure. Envy you.
Good luck and great sailing. We will be following your progress.
John and Donna, SC. USA.

Munie and Mark
Wed. Oct 08, 2008
Dear John and Doug, hope you have a wonderful adventure, we will be thinking of you every day,
love Munie and Mark

Ron & Lynda MacDougall
Mon. Oct 06, 2008
Hi, Doug (S)
Just want to wish you a wonderful trip full of exciting & fun adventures.
We will be keeping track of your whereabouts.
Take care and we look forward to hearing all about your journey when you return.
Love and Prayers,
Ron & Lynda

Joyce Neill
Sat. Oct 04, 2008
Dear Doug (S) and Crew
We sailed from Tilbury Docks, England to Montreal on the Alexander Puskin. In 1972. It took us 9 days. I logged every day on board… Magnificent, except for the sea sickness…on our honeymoon, Yikes! I remember being on deck looking out at the dark night and thanking our Creator for His magnificent work His hands have made.
I’ll be praying for all of you, on land and on sea. What courage, what conviction, the thrill of the greatest adventure of your life.
Come home safely.
Be blessed

N.D. (Andy) Madhvani
Fri, Oct 03, 2008
Brendon and Crew of the Falcon GT : Congratulations to ALL on achieving your objective of building your own boat over a six year period and then sailing in it from Oakville, Canada to Melbourne, Australia ! What a dream and adventure ! May the wind be on your side ! Wishing you smooth and safe sailing. Looking forward to updates on your voyage and lots and lots of pictures!

Three-Badge Stoker
Fri, Oct 03, 2008
As the late,great Paul Newman said - 'Some people have ideas and do nothing about it - some people have dreams and do nothing about it - and some people have both and DO something about it.'
I salute you all.
God speed and a safe reach.

Herzliche Grüße Ingrid und Bernd
Fri, Oct 03, 2008
Greetings From Germany
Dear John,
Ingrid and I wish you and your crew a safe trip and all the luck you need for this extraordinarie experience. We will watch you on your homepage. Have a good time.
In german we wish a sailsman: Mast- und Schotbruch und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel.
Herzliche Grüße Ingrid und Bernd

Rafael Moctezuma & Family and Your Friends at BMO F&EM & Norkom
Thurs, Oct 02, 2008
To Brendan & the Crew of the Falcon GT,
Thank you for making Cancer awareness and fundraising a part of your adventure. On behalf of my entire family, I wish you a safe and smooth voyage filled with discovery and adventure. We'll be looking for updates on your blog, news from Australia and lots of pictures along the way.
Safe travels.
Rafael D.L.C. Moctezuma

Marie & Gary Carlile
Tues, Sep 30, 2008
Hi Jules and Crew,
We've made a donation to support you Jules and Daniel and in memory of my brother Michael.
Fantastic that you're following your DREAM, here's to great sailing and good times for you all. See you in MELBOURNE, can't wait!!!
Love to Jeanette and boys and you Jules. xoxo

Pauline Burke
Tues, Sep 30, 2008
Good Luck John and Crew!
Hi John and crew,
I wish you the very best of luck and safe seas as you make your dreams come true.
Life is so short. I am glad you are making the most of it.
All the best,

John McInnis
Tues, Sep 30, 2008
With You in Spirit!
Hi John & Crew of Falcon GT,
Thanks for the invite to your Open Boat event, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately the boys and I are traveling in the US this weekend but will make a point of stopping, to raise a glass to you and your’s and an awesome adventure, somewhere between 2 & 5pm.
It’s unlikely we’ll see you before your departure but we will all be thinking of you and watching your progress with great interest and enthusiasm.
Sincerest Bon Voyage,
The McInnis Family.

Sylvia & Al. Forbes
Mon, Sep 29, 2008
Hello and Goodbye Doug (S)!!!
This is such an awesome adventure. Kudos to you buddy!
And as they would say to you in México: Vela y buena suerte buenas, y,, Vaya con Dios mi amigo!!! ( Good Luck, Good Sailing and may God go with you my friend)
And Doug always remember: our lives are not measured by the number of breaths we take, rather by the moments that take our breath away!!!
See ya sooner than you think, and Lots of Love,
Syl, Al, Keno, Austin and Kalvin

Angela Golabek
Mon, Sep 29, 2008
Hello Stuart!!
Well, it's finally coming time to go isn't it. We wish you smooth sailing and lots of adventure, plus good fundraising for the cancer society. Hopefully what they say about the "personal" lives of people who sail does not apply in your case!! Remember to think of your beautiful wife as she holds the fort (not fart!) with 3 active children, a dog and a cat! Bon voyage...
Best wishes from Angela, Jack, Matt & Allie Golabek

Noel Johnston
Sun, Sep 28, 2008
Hi John & Doug (G)
Robyn & I wish you all the very best on this adventure & we will be following your exploits closely.
Have fun

Bob & Judy Bergquist
Fri, Sep 19, 2008
John Gayford....
I hope to get to your 'Bon Voyage' party.
I don't think I've seen seen you since I retired from FORD 10 years ago. Our neighbour, who is a former sea captain of the British Merchant Marines, wants very much to come along and meet you and give you his best wishes also.
You were talking about doing this since before I retired and now it is here. Fantastic!!
Your boat is beautiful and certainly looks up to the task as do you and your crew. Wow...what a trip.
Bob & Judy
Port Dover

Tom Southon
Mon, Sep 16, 2008
Kaitlin and Graeham both loved your boat. You and your team have put your hearts and souls into making this dream a reality. My thoughts and prayers will be with you on your journey. See you on Oct. 4th.

Laura Canton
Thurs, Sept. 4th, 2008
Hi John..
I just made a donation in my uncles name..He passed away one year ago, almost to this day from lung cancer..Good luck and smooth sailing on your wonderful adventure..Let us know when your off and we'll try and make it out..
All the best to you and your crew..
Laura Canton Flannigan

Georgia, Calvin & Josh
Thurs, Aug 21, 2008
Our father has been counting down the days for this trip ever since skipper John called him aboard this amazing adventure. They're counting days are almost up as this trip gets closer and closer, 54 days left...
We wish them luck, we wish them love, good sailing and lots of support for CCS - see you in Australia Dad!!!
"These men have put dreams into reality, they're crazy- Follow them!"
Nous vous aimons tous PAPA!!
The Hamilton Children

Grant Cleverley
Mon, Aug 11, 2008
Safe Seas - Our donation to support your effort as Cancer, in it's many forms, touches all of our lives. In memory of Doris Hall and in hope Grandma "Pin" continues to be a survivor. Have a safe journey and we look forward to your success.
Grant, Monique, Peyton and Eliza Cleverley - Baltimore, MD USA and members of the R.C.Y.C. Toronto.

A Matelot
Sun, Aug 10, 2008
Speak sternly to the stern
Speak pointedly to the bow,
Speak deeply to the keel
Speak loftily with the sails,
And always speak soberly over the radio!

Wendy & Gerry
Sat, Aug 09, 2008
I've made a donation in memory of my Parents, Raymond Baylor, a cancer survivor & my Mom Audrey. What you are doing is remarkable. I hope you reach your target and meet your personal goals. The sailboat is unbelievable. The time and effort to built her shows a true labour of love. My Dad loved boating. Using wood, he built four fishing boat. His first attempt was in the winter of '63-64. It was a 10 footer built in a living room measuring 12' x 14'. Other than the boat, there was the TV & Dad's chair...Us five kids got to sit in the boat to watch TV. We thought it was fun. Mom, not so much...But she always supported him; just as you lucky guys are supported by your wives. Have a safe trip!
Bon Voyage!
Wendy & Gerry

Dale Moser
Fri, Aug 08, 2008
Therapee, My Old Girl is setting in her slip this summer as I battle the big "C".
Had to step off of a racing boat,a J27, and then eventually give up race committee duties until we get this thing turned around.
What a trip! For a celebration of life.

Chad McIntosh
Wed, Aug 06, 2008
John G.,
When you said you were building a sailboat, I had no idea you were going for the ultimate adventure. My hat is off to you, mate.

John and Pauline Strickland
Sun, Aug 03, 2008
I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking,
And a gray mist on the sea's face, and a gray dawn breaking.
I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull's way and the whale's way, where the wind's like
a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's over.
John Masefield

Marg & Rick Matsui
Thu, Jul 31, 2008
All we can say is "WOW". What a boat, what a trip and what an experience! (And great wives you all must have, LOL!)

Lisa Egan, Boca Raton, Florida
Mon, Jul 28, 2008
Was great having the chance to see the Falcon GT. Beyond impressive! Will be sitting on the edge of my seat watching your progress. As the wife of a cancer survivor, I applaud your courage and determination to raise funds for such a worthy cause. God speed, gentlemen!

Lisa Moffatt
Thu, Jul 24, 2008
Hi John & Crew,
Best wishes as you prepare to set sail!